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  1. On an Army medical history website I have seen a photo of the white medical smock with cotton buttons and maroon caduceus. This was also worn by USAF male enlisted medical personnel with white cotton pants during the fifties and sixties. The name tag was worn on the pocket side. Some airmen wore stripes on the sleeves. Does anyone know if this uniform was referenced in AFR 35-10? Does Into The Blue volume 2 show medical duty uniforms? There is a photo somewhere in this forum that shows the several variations of what medical personnel wore in the 60s. I am going to donate the uniform I wore
  2. During WW2 the citizens of various cities would “buy” an aircraft. The city of Cleveland bought a B17. It was flown from the factory into Cleveland where the newspapers could photograph and Clevelanders could see the plane as it was turned over to the Army Air Force. City of Cleveland was painted on the nose of the B17 before it left the factory. B24s and B25s were also purchased for the war effort. Doing some online research you’ll find that most of these aircraft had a name change before they went off to the War. Selling war bonds as indicated by the postcard was a way to pay for the war
  3. Regarding the photo titled "veterinarians 1968". The photo shows two officers and one enlisted wearing what were commonly called 1505's. The other white medical duty uniforms illustrate the several white uniforms worn in hospitals or clinics in the 60's. The white cotton smock with maroon caduceus was commonly worn by hospital and dental enlisted. The white shirts with blue name and USAF tapes were generally worn in areas without patient contact. Example: medical equipment repair, medical supply. That uniform was also worn by food service personnel among others.
  4. I am looking for the white pants worn by enlisted medical personnel and food service (among others) during the 1960's They were cotton and had buttons only, no zipper. I have the white medical smock (cotton buttons, maroon caduceus & US on right pocket). This was the uniform worn by most enlisted personnel in a hospital or clinic setting. The Army shows a picture on its Office of Medical History Website. Information on where to start the search would be appreciated. I was on active duty with the 4780th Hospital at Perrin AFB, Texas 1965-1967 and this was the uniform most enlisted medic
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