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    I collect WW2 uniforms mainly Army Air Corps, U.S and german medals.

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  1. Some of the other items in the grouping along with all his paperwork and many photos that I acquired locally.
  2. Wanted to share a interesting type 4 dog tag to a Paul R. Maurer Company E 115th Infantry regiment 29th infantry division. Notice the religious preference is stamped on the Wrong end of the tag.
  3. Wow, thank you very much for the wonderful information aznation.
  4. Hello all, I've had these tags for some time and am having trouble finding any info on this chap. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you my friends. Name on tags: James R. Hearn Serial number: 3448083
  5. This is not second guessing.ive been burned by him in the past.i would never order from him again.i suggest you read the entire article on mm.again facts are facts.
  6. Sweazy the stitching has nothing to do with it.compare the two pictures.the bar mm sold is not properly draped.the medals are all haphazardly put on and not even close to being the same heigth this would never fly on a uniform.
  7. That medal bar has been redraped and done incorrectly.this is the proper way.That medal bar that he purchased and sold would never be worn on uniform!
  8. Here is something of his that im suspicious of.look how bad the medals are draped,not even close to being somewhat even.
  9. No shinning just removed the corrosion
  10. I've had this eagle for some time and know nothing about it.i had to clean alot of green corrosion off ,it cleaned up nicely.it looks as though someone glued it in a frame or scrap book as there is remnants on the reverse.the attaching pins are long gone.thanks all any information would be much appreciated.
  11. Ok get this,i ordered a ww2 mariners medal from medal mulisha.i got it in the mail last month.it clearly had the wrap brooch replaced with a knock off incorrect type.the medal was also re draped! I sent it back and did get a refund a few days later.i leave a negative feed back stating the issue right to the point.a few weeks later ebay removes the negative feedback for some odd reason unkown to me.this is how this guy keeps getting away with trying to deceive people and ebay lets him do it!
  12. Is this brooch correct on this mariners medal? Its a type 1,i thought all type 1 medals had a flat rolling catch?
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