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  1. I'm going back 30+ years here... This device was on the WSO's side of the aircraft. They used this thing to do radar updates on the nav system.
  2. Nice! Sorry to hear about the vet, though.
  3. Very nice collections! Thanks for sharing... I'll now go wipe the drool off my keyboard...
  4. I'm glad toshik asked. Because while I'm reading this thread I had no idea what it was! Neat info on an item I had no idea about. Thanks for the education!
  5. And the patch is laying on its side, too. Looks strange that way. I flew with the 11th co-pilots in T-37s as an IP in the early '80s. Good times!
  6. That's pretty neat. In the late-'60s and early-'70s military brats like myself would wear these shirts and field jackets, too. We'd doodle art on them and have our friends autograph them and doodle on them for us. Yours looks more "adult" to me as we'd never get away with that kind of artwork in school or at home! Great find!
  7. Probably the same guy that designed the eye-patch for nuke-capable aircrews in those days: you wore the patch over one eye until the nuke flash blinded that eye and then if you were still flying you just moved the eye patch from the good eye to the bad eye...
  8. The 5th has a long heritage going back to fighters and interceptors and such. Don't remember why they were called kittens though. I was an Assistant Operations Officer in the 5th when they restarted the squadron as a training squadron.
  9. What a great deal! Let us know what the "redacted" words are when you find out. That is pretty interesting.
  10. Nice acquisition. My dad put together a scrapbook of his WW2 8th AF experience. Unfortunately we lost it in a wildfire that got his house... Never have seen one put together by a family member. Very cool.
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