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  1. The 100th Division history has a complete roster of the entire division. This roster is posted online at the Marshall Foundation website. They also have some pdfs of a few of the unit histories, if not all for the division. You may have some luck doing a search online for unit histories starting with divisions. Like the 100th, there are quite possibly others posted online that are downloadable with rosters. Good luck!
  2. For example #1, I would definitely include the Victory Medal, that is a given. Probably same for the Occupation medal if you have the paperwork to support the dates served overseas. For the GCM, if it were me, I'd include it. It's not rare so it isn't something someone would use to embellish their uniform. If he served throughout the war, you can probably be 99% sure he was awarded a GCM at some point. For example #2, I'm sure there is someone on the forum more knowledgeable in the Navy to confirm eligibility. I just don't know if the time spent in theater starts on day 1 of the vo
  3. The one with the gold torch might be ROTC or JROTC
  4. Thanks avigo, good luck
  5. If you keep it at 50% or lower you should be okay. If you are having health problems and suspect mold I would have a remediation company come to the house and do some air tests. They sell do it yourself tests as well, but I don't know how good or reliable they are. We suspected the same once with my wife's health. Nothing was visible, but you never know what is lurking in the walls if you have water penetration on the outside. It turned out the air was good and there was no high concentration of mold (technically there is mold spores everywhere inside and outside but its the type and how much
  6. I'm no expert, but I don't see the harm. The first thing you may want to do though is get a dehumidifier in the room where you are having the issues. If you don't change the environment you might just be trapping moisture in the bags, especially if they are not 100% airtight. Several years ago I had a problem with mold on some clothing and cheap leather items in my basement (thankfully before I started collecting). I got a dehumidifier in there year round and never had a problem after that.
  7. He actually lived a pretty interesting life. He was never a trained actor, just sort of fell into it because he was friends with Robert Duvall and he told him he should give it a shot. He spent time working as a ranch hand, blacksmith and was even a bodyguard for Howard Hughes.
  8. He was a USMC Korean War vet and served 3 years I believe I read, so I'm sure it was a real tattoo. I did a quick google search but couldn't find any photos to verify. Although oddly enough there were some photos that popped up of people who got Wilford Brimley's face or caricature tattooed on them.
  9. That's good to know. I'm overdue myself for another visit and hope to go back in the next couple weeks. It's a good place to go to avoid crowds and also the heat.
  10. Some great birthday finds. You definitely didn't come home empty handed. Congrats!
  11. Well I definitely be looking forward to that! Hopefully it comes to fruition. I'm still upset that another local WWII museum down the road in Natick closed without any notice last year. For a while they were raising money for a new larger building too.
  12. Great grouping, thanks for sharing! It's great that you were able to find that much research and articles on Pfc Hoak, especially being able to get a copy of the GO. Very sad that he died so young though.
  13. Another 100th Division book to add to my library; "Into the Mountains Dark: A WWII Odyssey from Harvard Crimson to Infantry Blue", written by Franklin Gurley who served in A Company, 399th Infantry Regiment.
  14. Here is a recent thread that should help with what you are looking for and give you some ideas;
  15. Maybe he transferred right before heading home but kept the DI of his combat unit (they appear to possibly be German made?). Guess the only way to know for sure would be to try to get a copy of his records. It's a nice jacket, and from a local MA guy too.
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