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  1. I wasn't paying attention when I purchased this M4 bayonet. It has an M3 handle. It appears to be original. Doesn't appear to be tampered with .The "star" type punch markings holding the handle together are still visible. Opinions?
  2. Looks like WW1 wool to me. Again, a lot of folks like to sew. Any info would be appreciated, Thanks, Mike
  3. Here's one I picked up years ago. The dealer I bought it from told me it was a Motorcycle Courier. Someone else told me it was a Police Motorcycle patch. I'm wondering why someone would sew it on to uniform wool if it is a Police Patch. But you see all kinds of things in the collector world.. I've been meaning to put up for ID. Good place to start eh. Thanks Rufus, Capt. Spalding
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