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    retired Public Safety Administrator, College Instructor, collect US Civil War, WW1, WW2 items past 35 years
    also interested WW2 German Helmets
  1. Also, this helmet is named W. Drowes or W. O/D Rowes. Does anyone know how to research this possible name and see if it matches up?
  2. Yes hole is punched. Have more pics but files are too big to post.
  3. Just acquired this new piece out of antique shop in NY. Opinions and comments welcomed. thanks, Bill
  4. Nice local/regional show 100 tables+ Militaria Civil War-Vietnam, Gulfport MS , Fri & Sat, Mar 4-5, Joppa Shriner's Bldg, Woolmarket Rd off I-10. Join us for a good show!!
  5. Picked up nice condition VN eraM-1 helmet and liner with nice condition Mitchell pattern cover. Has small tag with USMC nomenclature dates 4-1959. Are these rare or desirable. Will post pics later
  6. Listed original V-42 listed on ebay, don't know how to link but item no is 132382800276. Please review and give opinons. Looks good to me and not a bad price.
  7. Friday 9-29, 10-5pm, Sat 9-30, 9-4pm, Shriners Building (same locale as gunshows), Woolmarket Rd, Gulfport MS 100 tables, good show!
  8. yes got full credit on bad pair and bid on these as replacements thanks, Bill
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