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  1. Could also mean this sergeant was assigned to the 5001st Composite Wing or 5th Liaison Squadron at Ladd AFB during the blues transitional period. Both units had personnel imbedded with the U.S. Army.
  2. I know this is an old thread, but you just forced me to check my own. My own issue hat device from basic training in December 1977 doesn't have any markings on the back. So, at least we know one instance of how late this insignia was issued. Interesting thing about this device. When the coating came off, it became pretty shiny, anyway.
  3. Maybe, Might have just worn the top three ribbons on one bar on a uniform jacket or shirt and then changed them out when they got soiled. I'm more interested in the gold star/oak leaf cluster combination on the Air Medal. Interesting. Could be more of a case of ribbons being updated and we don't want to throw them out because they might be useful some day. Used to mount ribbon bars for fellow service members. Always got handed a uni-mount with multiple soiled ribbons that I would replace and put the old ones in a plastic bag. Still do
  4. Worked the other way, too. I served with an individual with dual American/British citizenship in the Air Force. He introduced me to Guinness Stout.
  5. Means appointment, no commission. Could be something medical.
  6. No, the hat is dark olive drab -- maybe newer than the other uniform items. Lighting in different photos throws off the reflectiveness of the color. The insignia tapes are woven on a rayon type material. The jump wings and rank insignia are embroidered on an almost ultra-marine blue cotton a little thinner than the rip-stop fatigues. The scarf would be an issue one, almost the same color as the background color of the badges. I still have my scarf -- worn with starched fatigues to dress up a field uniform during formations and exercises.
  7. It's because the rest of us were wearing organizational baseball caps or boonies.
  8. I would tend to agree. Although it is very possible that there are retired airmen first class or possibly airmen second classes (1960s era), the likelihood that someone would end up instructing JROTC is very unlikely. Only during the early stages of the implementation of Shade 84 uniforms were shoulder patches worn. This uniform pretty much resembles a winter-weight shade 1549 uniform that I was issued in the mid-1970s. The only shoulder patches would have been worn by the CAP or JROTC, and even then, the rank would be very different.
  9. Also important to note that Gabby Gabreski was Polish in ancestry and later transitioned two of those pilots into the 56th Fighter Group.
  10. Yes, and notice two rows of personal decorations. That sets another example.
  11. Aircraft is a B-25. Notice the steps leading to the bomb bay. Also suspect the photo is late 1944, early 1945 because the crews are wearing OD B-15 flight jackets.
  12. Thing is, one of the Space Shuttle missions actually demonstrated this need. The mission involved a full military crew with a classified payload. With the formation of this sixth branch, comes the declassification of a bunch of Air Force space programs. Looking forward to seeing more information on programs like the X-20 Dyna Soar and Blue Gemini. BTW, I can't see the insignia in with my browser.
  13. Not just Air Force, other service's space operations will also be rolled over into the new service force.
  14. Don't need one. Bottom Row, left to right: AF Longevity Service w/silver and bronze oak leaf clusters, Armed Forces Reserve Medal, and Small Arms Expert Marksman Ribbon. Second Row, left to right: WW II Victory, Army of Occupation, and National Defense Service Medal with oak leaf cluster. Third Row, left to right: EAME Campaign Medal with one or two service/campaign stars, American Theater Campaign Medal, and Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal. Fourth Row, left to right: Presidential Unit Citation, AF Outstanding Unit Award and Army Good Conduct. Fifth Row, left to right: Air Medal, Combat
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