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  1. Looking for opinions on this LW Foster intermediate jacket. Just making sure everything looks good. I believe the Mils Spec number indicated it is a 1950's date. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks to all. Most appreciated.
  3. Does this patch look original, Thanks in advance, I don't know much about WWII patches. My wife's grandfather was in the 753rd.
  4. This patch is on my dad's G1 jacket. He flew F8 Crusaders with VF-673 at NAS Atlanta. It appears to be theater/homemade patch and resembles the VF-124 "Knights". Did the navy send aviators to Yuma to become F8 flight instructors for their assigned squadrons? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  5. What type of seat parachute and harness would a naval aviator use in 1953? I want to find one for my cockpit seat from a AD-4 Skyraider. Thanks
  6. Does anyone have a valid email for Andrea Salimbeti, author and historian, often used by modeling enthusiasts? He has used one of my photographs without permission or reference. I wish to ask him to give credit, and ask before using. Flattered, but... Thanks
  7. Yes, it is the earlier designation from what I understand. Even the cruise book "Port to Port" shows the designation "VC 12"
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