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  1. I once read a reply, made to a chap who had a similar dilemma with a "mint" firearm. It said, Not shooting it was like not having sex with your girlfriend so as to save her for her next boyfriend.
  2. Again I must thank you Sactroop. That will be of help. So the M6 snap is a fraction smaller than that on the M8? By chance do you have any good pictures of M6 snaps. I own what I think is a good reproduction M6 but I am not sure how accurate the snap is.
  3. Many thanks Sactroop. That will be of great help. I was indeed struggling to find the correct word for the part.
  4. Gentleman. Whilst I've owned M3s for over 50 years I have never seen a genuine M6 scabbard let alone owned one. Recently I managed to obtain two from Norway. I believe the U.S. gave or sold a pile of M6s to Norway after WWII. The Norwegians then chose to replace the standard leather keeper strap with a webbing one of their own making. Whilst this is totally serviceable and a possible improvement over the leather one I would like to replace the webbing ones with a more "authentic" leather one. I have some appropriate leather and the connecting rivet should be no problem. However, the press stud
  5. Peter 279. As requested here is a photograph of the pommel. As you can see it has done some work in its time.
  6. Thanks Skip. It is a moral dilemma. I just want to undo a bubba act that might be part of it's history but if a bubba act is acceptable in it's history than an unbubba act must be also? :-) I suspect it was polished in its very recent history. A shine like that can't be old. One non collecting friend suggested wrapping the handle in plastic then going in the garden and sticking the blade into the lawn up to the hilt. Leave it there for days but check the "finish" often. I appreciate that we are just the temporary custodians of these treasures. This M3 has seen a lot of use and no doubt some
  7. Thank you al for your comments gentleman. All in all I am happy with this double marked M3 but after a short time I've become bugged by the almost mirror finish that a previous owner has polished the blade to. I have no problem with M3s that have a worn finish or even none of the original finish but this polished steel finish is just unnatural and hard on the eye. I'm contemplating dulling the finish to a worn satin appearance but frankly don't know how to. Any advice would be welcome.
  8. As the owner of only mid to lower end M3s I am very pleased to read the above. I've always told the wife that they are better than money in the bank and now I believe it myself. :-) But I must add that in over 50 years I've never made a withdrawal from this particular bank.
  9. Thanks for that Skip. It was your posts on the dual stamped M3s that inspired me to seize the chance to buy it when I could.
  10. Much to my pleasure this arrived today. Seller was a local chap (New Zealand) and wanted a quick sale. I've known him for a few years and he has a good reputation. I checked with Skiph and with just a written description he confirmed the price was good. It's a well used UTICA with a tight cross guard. A, not the, previous owner has buffed the blade to a near mirror finish but it has no nicks, scratches or pitting. The scabbard has seen far better days but I suspect it is original to the knife. The knife has one great redeeming feature. The blade and the cross-guard are both stamped by the make
  11. Yes, Camillus made an excelent M3 reptoduction and the one pin is a deffinate indicator of it not being WWII production. These one pin reproductions come up for auction often. I suspect that most sellers are aware that they are not WWII original. If the price is right, I see them as still being collectable.
  12. Thanks Skip. I purchased a set of Dutch (German made) M4 plastic grips from the U.S. I intend to use them on the cannibalised M4 blade to make a "Theatre" knife.
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