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    Collect Kansas Civil War photos, reunion items, Kansas Spanish American War, Kansas and Missouri World War 1 local issue medals

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  1. I got my black light out and looked on the collar to see if I can make out the number. It looks like M or N then 1144. Hard to see, almost faded out
  2. Hi, is this patch combination correct? There is a faint number stamp in the collar. I can just barely see it under a black light but can not make it out. Thanks Steve
  3. Just talked to him today. His first tour as pilot of a bird dog, he was in the 219th combat recon " Headhunters". He was headhunter 8. On his 2nd tour 68-69. helicopter pilot, flew A23G and OH-6A. I will take pictures of the 2 orange coveralls and the other one. Steve
  4. Here are some items I got at a moving auction. They belong to Captain Charlie Fulton. He is moving . I got a MA-1 intermediate flight jacket with patches, 2 Indian orange summer flight coveralls and a CWU-1 Albert Turner & CO. maker. A copy of a photo of him in his Cessna bird dog. He is keeping all his photos, medals etc.
  5. Hi everybody, just received these medals from The State of Missouri for my grandfathers uncle, they come with letters from the Governor and Adjutant General of Missouri. The Jubilee of Liberty medal were for veterans that served in the D-Day Invasion.
  6. Picked this WW2 Cross for Military Service up at the Chickasha, Oklahoma military show a couple of weeks ago. The medal is numbered 6216 with original box. Issued to John Ernest Squire. He was overseas as 1st LT. Transportation Corps. He received the medal Dec. 5, 1964. His grandfather John Walter Squire was in the 46th North Carolina Infantry and was killed May 5, 1864 at the battle if the Wilderness.
  7. Hi, is this World War 2 CMS traceable (#6216)? Thanks Steve
  8. Hi, are these Air Corps bullion items good ? Thanks Steve
  9. Here is one of 2 Vietnam era USMC uniforms I have, this one Ided to RS Reynolds. The pants have a contract date of 1969 nothing on the top.
  10. Not quite a yard long. Nice image of the 5th Nebraska Infantry machine gun company. Photo taken in Llano Grande, Texas in the Mexican Border Service
  11. Thanks Kammo-man, could it be a private purchase item? Thanks Steve
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