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  1. Allan; Thank you very much for your input. At least now I cant start organizing what I want and what era. Cheers Pierre
  2. Hello Brian; I would start with Modern era. Pierre
  3. Hello; I want to start collecting US Distinctive Insignia to all US Airborne Units. I would need the best advice possible for the price range to pay, where to get them ie: Forum member, Dealers etc..., the best references ie: Books, articles, journals etc... I am waiting for your input and coments. Thanks very much. Cheers Pierre
  4. Thank you to you both, at least it narrows it down to which Unit. Cheers Pierre
  5. Can someone confirm that the Oval is 509th P.I.R. please? Cheers Pierre
  6. Yes I have to agree that is a wonderful addition, thanks for sharing.
  7. Very nice acquisition and thanks for sharing, well done. Cheers Pierre
  8. Very nice grouping and a possible reunite, wow !!! Cheers Pierre
  9. All that combat experience and coming out alive, pretty impressive. Great photograph. Cheers Pierre
  10. Thanks Mark; I think I do, they are quite fun and surprising to research. Cheers Pierre
  11. WOW that is a very nice grouping, well done and thanks for sharing. Cheers Pierre
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