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    A little of everything, especially American Civil War uniforms, equipment & relics; WWI Allied uniforms and equipment & battlefield recovered items; WWII USAAF uniforms & equipment.
  1. To me it appears to be a standard WWII era practice bomb. Can't tell from your photo, but mine has a screw off nose cap for filling with sand. My Dad was a Bombardier in WWII. He identified mine as the type of bomb he dropped at Carlsbad in training. They were originally painted a flat medium dark blue, and often referred to as the "Blue Peril."
  2. Only another opinion. I would tend to believe it not to be a US coat for several of the reasons already pointed out. Many countries of the period emulated French design uniforms, to include other European, the US, and many South American Armies. The buckle appears (to me) to be a large square. Again, just an opinion.
  3. Just speculation, but perhaps it is an equipment tag? In my youth I recall cammo netting and the like with metal ID tags attached.
  4. perhaps 1880s - 1890s police or band? What are the side buttons?
  5. I purchased a partial case of the stuff someplace about 10 years ago. I only have had one leak. Would suggest laying it on its side for a week or two and see what happens.
  6. I too have several of the heavier green bags as pictured. Mine were purchased for 10 cents each at the local Army Surplus store in Connecticut the late 1950s or very early 1960s. Used one to store marbles as a boy. Only point is, if they are not real, someone went through a lot of trouble for 10 cents.
  7. To me, it appears to be a WWI 75mm French shell case, probably made in March 1917. These were often sold after the war to battlefield visitors.
  8. Mine, from around 1972, was just tissue paper wrapped in a small 2 X 3 inch blue box with a white label at the end of the box. There was no plastic of any kind.
  9. It appears to be identical to my original purchased in the mid-1960s.
  10. Always referred to them as excess equipment bags.
  11. I just assumed the ball goes in as a tied unit -- never really gave it much thought until now.
  12. Have several dug and one non-dug buck and ball cartridges. on mine, the 3 buckshot sit on top of the ball. It is tied at the cartridge top as any other cartridge, and again between the buck and ball (just enough to lock the buckshot in place, sort of forming a single strand ledge on the ball).
  13. In the Army, blue is often associated with Infantry or MI. "DET" is obviously the abbreviation for detachment.
  14. In my early Army years, I was a 9309 (later a 35C) Aerial Reconnaissance and Surveillance Officer. These exact pocket stereoscopes were still around and in use in the early 1970s -- at least at Fort Huachuca and Fort Bragg. Mine has no marking that I can recall, but came in the same brown leather case.
  15. To me, the coat appears to be "Indian Wars" period. The color is more black than Civil War dark blue and it does not appear to have very wide elbows. Civil War Federal frock coats are generally a blue color and have sleeves that are very wide at the elbow. If it were mine, I would consider it from the 1880s period.
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