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    tanks, firearms, ham radio, stamps, history, I build plastic military kits, tracked AFV's & wheeled vehicles . mostly tanks. 1/48 & 1/35 scales. Ky. N.G. 69-75
    E5 tank commander. N.R.A member
  1. any one have National guard patches from the 60's & 70"s ?
  2. great collection. thanks for posting
  3. any AFV or fighter aircraft model builders here ?
  4. fantastic build. i have one also but not as skilled as you. thanks for the post STAY ON THE TANK
  5. great pic's of the M10. tanks for posting. STAY ON THE TANK
  6. I have the F-4 from the U.S.S Enterprise. My brother-in-law was the 06 flight surgen on that vessel for a long time. STAY ON THE TANK
  7. just finished a M113. starting a M26. have a m24 & m2 in the mail. . will be looking for my old friend M88 to go with mu M 48 & M 60 that i trained on. STAY ON THETANK
  8. fantastic pic's & build. thanks for posting
  9. great pic. I trained on the M60A1, 69-75fort Knox. Ky. N.G. That track played a very important part of my life. now i am a tank NUT, over 50 1/48 & 1/35 models with no end in site. thank for posting
  10. top to bottom german panzer IV german tiger I Russian T-34 85 right ?
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