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  1. Good looking, honest piece. Thanks for sharing, Cody
  2. When did it become simple to upload a photo to this forum?
  3. If interested, check out this antiques roadshow episode from a few weeks ago that depicts a family owned grouping of a Marine from the 6th Marine supply company: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/roadshow/season/23/rochester-/appraisals/wwi-marine-corps-uniform-helmet--201805T36/ If you look closely, I think you might agree with me that the same artist was likely used for both of these helmets. Yep, I would agree, painted by the same guy. And thanks for the link to the Antiques Roadshow. Does Bruce Herman still appraise for them? Cody
  4. Terrific helmets, guys! Whats in the carafe Jeremiah?
  5. Thanks, guys. The following edited narrative was provided by the seller... "Any legit WWI USMC helmet is tough to find nowadays, here's a 5th Marines, HQ guy. It is named to Frank Moore. The hole is punched-in for EGA placement. The EGA is fused to the helmet. This helmet came out of an 1880's NW house completely wrapped in a 1918 dated newspaper along with the Marine's dogtags and a small satchel with some German currency. Particles of this newspaper are glued to the helmet by rodent urine, and a section dated November 11, 1918 folded inside." Thanks for looking, Cody
  6. No love from my computer, Have been experiencing this for years as I wish to participate, have some fine things to share. Could this resizing tool be incorporated into a standard forum image uploading protocol? Something built-in to the USMF template? I am running Firefox and Windows 7. Cheers, Cody
  7. Thanks guys. As this stuff is most difficult to source, we are at fate's wanton whim to find these things, I am very fortunate to have what few things I have. Thanks for the nice words, I'm trying to amass a decent, representative, WWI USMC helmet collection. Were it not for the considered mentoring of Charles (Chuck) Roelens I'd not be nowhere close. Thank you, Sir! Semper Fi! Regards, Cody
  8. 3/5 Marines, Brit. I believe this and the following helmet to have been rendered by the same hand. Thanks for looking, Cody
  9. GREAT piece, Don. Thanks for sharing, Cody
  10. Holy Cowabunga, Don. Impressive spread you have there. Thanks for sharing, Cody
  11. Where did you find it? I search for WWI painted and USMC stuff, totally missed this one. Cheers, Cody
  12. Hi Robin, The green cross is an Army Sanitation Train helmet while the green shell is an Army 17th Field Artillery Supply Company helmet. Nice helmets though they might be more appropriate in this thread - http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4139-wwi-painted-helmets/page-24
  13. Fantastic helmets, Don. Thanks for sharing, Cody
  14. WOW! First one I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing, Eric. Cheers, Cody
  15. A recently returning member,I've collected, off-and-on, painted dough-boys during my 7-year absence; here's my U.S "Stuff" as of a couple weeks ago... Thanks for looking, Cody
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