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  1. How's it going everyone, been a while since I last posted! I saw a bullion 10th Mtn Patch go up for sale on Ebay recently. I am by no means an expert on bullion patches, I looked at the reference for 10th Mtn patches here, and still am conflicted on whether or not it is a real bullion or Pakistani made repro. Provided are the photos from the seller and a photo of what might be the patch, if it correctly identified, from a book that is selling on ebay as a collector's guide. The patch looks to be the exact same as the 10th Mtn patch labeled as being Japanese occupation made.
  2. Thanks for all the replies guys! I have searched around for the boots from other companies but I would like to have American made boots if possible. If I can't get American made gear I would definitely want accurate repros made from a reliable company that would last. The cuff idea was the only alternative I could see being possible while still sticking to American made repros. Also the cut off original cuffs are still supple and flexible, so I imagine they would work so long as they could be fitted to such a smaller boot.
  3. I've been waiting a while to buy a pair of Combat Service Shoes, aka Double Buckle Boots, from WWII impressions. They have been sold out for a couple years now I believe and At The Front no longer makes a pair in my size, neither does SM Wholesale. Was considering buying a pair of cuffs cut from a 7.5 boot and trying to get a cobbler to sew them on to a pair of size 6 or 6.5 roughout service shoes. Has anyone done this? And does anyone know if the double buckle boot cuffs stay the same length between sizes? I imagine a 6 or 6.5 boot with a 7.5 cuff would not be too big of a jump and
  4. Thank you! Would you be able to send me that information, and the authorization orders (as you wrote in my other post) as well? I'll PM you my email.
  5. By any chance does anyone know of, or have, any aerial photographs of Mount Belvedere and or Riva Ridge, Italy? I've tried looking in the National Collection of Aerial Photography and have been unable to find any results. Likewise, I've also scoured the internet trying to find aerial photography of nearby areas, with hopes of getting even the slightest clip of either of these two land features, but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Matt
  6. There aren't any jetpacks haha, that was a fake leak. The developers actually seem pretty interested in keeping the game historically accurate and realistic. Here's an IGN article on the game's atmosphere: http://www.ign.com/articles/2017/04/26/call-of-duty-wwii-ditches-superheroes-for-humanity-and-horror Here's a Behind The Scenes look from the developers:
  7. Actually, MultiCam is the more faded of the two. You can also tell by the cut of the jacket that it's OEF-CP/MultiCam, official Army issue OCP ACU's (Both OCP FRACU/OCP ACU) have a fold down collar and zipper shoulder pockets. Official MultiCam (OEF-CP ACU) still retain the Mandarin Collar found on the UCP ACU's. Though I have found many OEF-CP/MultiCam pieces of gear marked as OCP and Propper even came out with a MultiCam jacket cut like the new OCP ACUs. To answer OP's question, MultiCam does have some elements that are purposely "faded". This also has to do with the material of the jacket b
  8. Anyone have a photo of a 10th Mountain soldier wearing a ski cap in dress uniform? And or while on leave? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! - Matt
  9. Anyone know what book or document this poster is from? It outlines all the guidelines for proper wear of the uniforms at Camp Hale, however it does not show any other identifying information besides that it came from the Headquarters Mounting Training Center. -Matt
  10. Very nice collection. Care to take a photo of the cover of that book without any patches on it? The artwork looks very cool.
  11. Still researching. If anyone can provide any documents or interviews with 10th Mountain veterans recalling wearing the Ski Cap that would be incredibly helpful. Especially any documentation describing their pride towards wearing it. - Matt
  12. Is $1500 the average selling price for the patch or is that a fair price that most buyers should be expected to pay? Just curious, I hadn't heard of the T-Force before and I think I may have found a new collection focus, haha. - Matt
  13. Thanks for the input guys! Any idea how much these boots would be worth?
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