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  1. No, it just looks like that. photo distorted.
  2. Here is a great photo I just picked up. Can't make out the patch on the right sleeve. Thoughts. I figure he was a member of the 51st, 52nd, or 5rd Artillery CAC based on service chevrons.... Other observations 3 star ribbon as well. Could be a larger star in middle of ribbon???
  3. I bought this lot out of Massachusetts. It is marked with a US 50 along with the appropriate markings for a CAC Regiment. So I am assuming that it's 50 Artillery CAC, unless the disc was put on later, which doesn't seem to be the case here given where and how I bought it. Problem is that the 50th didn't arrive until late October and served overseas less than 6 months. I am comparing ship lists going over vs. coming back to see if I can take out those who transferred in after arriving in France. If I find a soldier who transferred in from another unit and arrived earlier, I might have an interesting argument. Thoughts?
  4. I have seen a number of these sell on ebay over the years. If you go to worthpoint,com you can probably find them through the right search words.
  5. Photo of Sgt. Earl Albert Peiffer about 1918
  6. Earl Albert Peiffer No. 3292. Good Conduct for 2nd enlistment... Earl was my Great Uncle and I have his paperwork for USMC Good Conduct, War Service Letter and a photo. Unfortunately, I don't have the medal itself... Contact me if you come across that number, I suspect it is out there somewhere...
  7. Can you make out which artillery regiment?
  8. Here is a great photo of the 50th Artillery CAC Band. This photo was given to my by the daughter of Juho Virta who served with my Grandfather in the 50th. www.50cac.com She gave me a number of other photos, documents and letters. His uniform grouping is out there somewhere as it was given to a collector many years ago and it has changed hands several times. I would very much like to reunit the grouping with his other items...
  9. It was originally sold on ebay some time back and I end up buying from the collector who bought it through ebay. Nothing more than that. Great helmet. www.50cac.com
  10. Just picked up this nice 250th belong to "2nd Lt. H.H. Cloud Jr." Any information on Cloud would be appreciated.
  11. Where can I get a copy of chapter and verse for uniform regulars for period 1917-1919? Please post if you have or send a link? Thanks
  12. Yes. You are right. The patch for PFC with Crossed cannons was lose inside the pocket. Sorry for confusion. Next stop NARA.
  13. What’s also interesting about this uniform is the use of a single stripe on both sleeves above the round PFC patch. This is definitely post war and possibly a parade uniform for American Legion or VFW. Many soldiers wore their uniforms into the 30s(possibly longer)during parades.
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