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  1. Here is a beauty of a helmet I just picked up from Jeff at Advance Guard Militaria. Nicely ID'd on top and on rim. Photos by AGM.
  2. Here is a beauty I recently picked up, AAMGB ID'd to Jacob Strobel, 3rd AAMGB
  3. I thought the same thing about the rating, but definitely an outline of a spike and too thin for SGT stripe.
  4. Hello all, Recently I was looking through some of my 1st Army variations. Here is the uniform of Stephen Fagerli of the 68th Artillery CAC Battery A. Yes, the patch is in terrible shape but it's silk and only the 2nd one I have seen like this. What was interesting about my recently inspection is the outline of a patch that was sewn on to the uniform. I tried to draw the outline and of course thought it might be a rating patching but the spike is what I don't recognize. Thoughts???
  5. I couldn't find a Joseph Bates in Brockton, MA, In fact, no Bates from Brockton, but some live nearby, but no Joseph or Joe.. Sorry
  6. 29th Arty, CAC Regt constituted in 1918 and organized at Ft. Williams ME in the CD of Portland in November 1918, but was demobilized at Ft. Williams in December 1918. From: Historical Sketches Coast Artillery Regiments 1917-1950 William C. Gaines Are you selling?
  7. No, it just looks like that. photo distorted.
  8. Here is a great photo I just picked up. Can't make out the patch on the right sleeve. Thoughts. I figure he was a member of the 51st, 52nd, or 5rd Artillery CAC based on service chevrons.... Other observations 3 star ribbon as well. Could be a larger star in middle of ribbon???
  9. I bought this lot out of Massachusetts. It is marked with a US 50 along with the appropriate markings for a CAC Regiment. So I am assuming that it's 50 Artillery CAC, unless the disc was put on later, which doesn't seem to be the case here given where and how I bought it. Problem is that the 50th didn't arrive until late October and served overseas less than 6 months. I am comparing ship lists going over vs. coming back to see if I can take out those who transferred in after arriving in France. If I find a soldier who transferred in from another unit and arrived earlier, I might have an i
  10. I have seen a number of these sell on ebay over the years. If you go to worthpoint,com you can probably find them through the right search words.
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