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  1. Hi, Is this a WW2 time frame submarine qualification badge in your opinion?
  2. Thank you, I forget the picture of the back.. maybe it can help in identification
  3. Hi, Can you help me rating this Quartermaster rate 3rd class? It can be a WW2 production? Thanks
  4. Thanks Garandomatic and muddyboots. Yes muddyboots! I remember your nice dog tag of St.Lo, you show us a pictures in on of my old post related to another dog tag of a Sailor of Kalinin Bay http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/270891-dog-tag-sailor-of-cve-68-kalinin-bay/ I double check in the web page of DE-405 and i find your man in the list of survival rescued bu USS Dennis that day https://dondennisfamily.com/ussdennis/SurvivorsRescued/index.html Ciao
  5. Dear friends, The last one in the family. Us Navy Reserve dog tag of S2c Frey, plankowner of DE-405 Uss Dennis, that served during WW2 in the Pacific theatre. Uss Dennis had an important role during the battle of Samar, credited to sank a japanese heavy cruiser and rescued 434 man form CVE-63 St.Lo. DE-405 Share a Presidential Unit Citation with all Taffy3 for fighting in this crucial battle. This is the second dog tag in my collection belonged to a man that served during Battle of Samar. Thanks
  6. Hi! Let me show you the latest USNR dog tag addition to the collection. He belonged to a sailor who served on BUNKER Hill (CV-17) from May '43 to August '44. Checking further data online I found information on this 3 wars veteran: WW2, Korea and Vietnam, served as ATC ( https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/41348501/hofeditz ) Found this name in WW2 memorial (no middle name here but birth place correspond) https://www.wwiimemorial.com/Registry/plaque.aspx?honoreeID=503968 Im not able to find info about his rank during WW2 + any additional info about Korea and Vietnam story, if som
  7. Hi, past weekend i was organizing my collection and by coincidence i noted some little letters on the chain ring... mmm let me see... "ING".."LING".... "STERLING" let me show new pictures after minor clean up
  8. Thanks Larry, no good news... but better this way, now no doubts = no D-Day tag
  9. Hi, i found this tag of a sailor that served during ww2. As per fold3 i fund he served on PC-1232 (roll date February '43). PC-1232 served during D-Day rescuing soldiers from waters of Utah Beach and patrolling area during the weeks after landing. Am i too optmstic or it there possibility that he was on board during D-Day ? thanks guys for your help and comment
  10. Hi, i'm very excited about this pair of tags, belonged to a man serving on SS-323 Caiman during WW2. Edmund Victor Ulrich was Quarter Master 3rd class from 44 to 45, he was in commissioning crew and he was on board during all the 4 war patrol in Pacific operation theatre. This submarine performed also 3 dangerous special mission during 4th war patrol, landing and evacuating agents of AIB (Allied Intelligence Bureau) from coast of Java. I found precious information in web site of SS-Caiman, included the funny nick name of this man that was "Little Eva"... do you know some character
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