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  1. Hi, Is this a WW2 time frame submarine qualification badge in your opinion?
  2. Thank you, I forget the picture of the back.. maybe it can help in identification
  3. Hi, Can you help me rating this Quartermaster rate 3rd class? It can be a WW2 production? Thanks
  4. Thanks Garandomatic and muddyboots. Yes muddyboots! I remember your nice dog tag of St.Lo, you show us a pictures in on of my old post related to another dog tag of a Sailor of Kalinin Bay http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/270891-dog-tag-sailor-of-cve-68-kalinin-bay/ I double check in the web page of DE-405 and i find your man in the list of survival rescued bu USS Dennis that day https://dondennisfamily.com/ussdennis/SurvivorsRescued/index.html Ciao
  5. Dear friends, The last one in the family. Us Navy Reserve dog tag of S2c Frey, plankowner of DE-405 Uss Dennis, that served during WW2 in the Pacific theatre. Uss Dennis had an important role during the battle of Samar, credited to sank a japanese heavy cruiser and rescued 434 man form CVE-63 St.Lo. DE-405 Share a Presidential Unit Citation with all Taffy3 for fighting in this crucial battle. This is the second dog tag in my collection belonged to a man that served during Battle of Samar. Thanks
  6. Hi! Let me show you the latest USNR dog tag addition to the collection. He belonged to a sailor who served on BUNKER Hill (CV-17) from May '43 to August '44. Checking further data online I found information on this 3 wars veteran: WW2, Korea and Vietnam, served as ATC ( https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/41348501/hofeditz ) Found this name in WW2 memorial (no middle name here but birth place correspond) https://www.wwiimemorial.com/Registry/plaque.aspx?honoreeID=503968 Im not able to find info about his rank during WW2 + any additional info about Korea and Vietnam story, if som
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