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  1. one of these days, when I take the kids on a east coast US history lesson roadtrip, this is def one of the stops.
  2. Ebay user "superqualityflags" is one of the links I posted above.
  3. RIP - led an amazing life "Rubin had "promised myself if the Lord helped me go to America, I'd join the Army," he told The Times in 2006. He wanted to repay the country for freeing him. He tried twice to join the Army. He twice flunked entry tests because of his poor English. He finally succeeded in enlisting in 1948 and was sent to Korea as a rifleman with Company I, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division. In interviews, Rubin described difficulties with a sergeant who used slurs and sent him on dangerous missions."
  4. I looked closer on mine and the tag is from 2008. So, I think mine is a later gen 1. 2008 label inner velcro strap, which is not on the gen 2 Inner admin pouch
  5. Hi Ben, did you find out a mfg date on your LBT6094A? I wonder if this is a prototype. I have one that is Coyote Brown, dated 2003. Yours looks older. Looks like yours has separate interior plate bags and the shoulder pads, MBITR pouch look different. Also, mine has a admin pouch on the inside of the front panel and looks like you're missing the inside belt/velcro strap thingy. Do you know when LBT started making the 6094? Here's the tag on mine. I'll try to take some other pictures.
  6. nice! larger sizes are so hard to find and when you do, they are so expensive.
  7. bump up, since I still see these listed on ebay. I don't know what happened to my picture links, but here's a picture of the suspect tag. Looks like a bad laser print on a nylon sheen tag. Original should be cotton.
  8. So, I asked the above Seller to measure the inside circumference of the boonie hat. This is his reply, "they run small i know that. so if you are looking to use it you might want to pass.all these camo hats are like that. thanks" ....yeah, no thanks....
  9. this guy too.... http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Vietnam-war-camouflage-boonie-tropical-7-1-4-hat-cap-1969-date-made-in-USA-/141802545362?hash=item21041720d2:g:mIgAAOSw3ydVyAR2 his OD boonie looks suspect http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-boonie-Vietnam-war-od-green-tropical-combat-hat-cap-size-7-1-4-1969-date-/141796511357?hash=item2103bb0e7d:g:urAAAOSw3ydVyAbf
  10. spike, this guy? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vietnam-Era-Erdl-Boonie-slouch-hat-originial-unissued-/252122774991?hash=item3ab3b03dcf
  11. yeah, I saw that one. too bad there's no way to flag the listings on ebay.... I did see some legit looking size 7 1/8 come up recently.
  12. I found a post on this site about ROK camo http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/113576-unusual-l-company-101st-airborne-camo/
  13. Seller added this to the product description now. "NOTE these are being sold as a collectible item, not for actual usage. Size seems to run smaller than the tag, probably due to shrinkage after 45+ years of storage." SHRUNK FROM 58CM TO 54CM? hmmmmm sounds like he's trying to cover his tracks....
  14. I was told this one too: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-boonie-Vietnam-war-od-green-tropical-combat-hat-cap-size-7-1-4-1969-date-/141769524931?hash=item21021f46c3
  15. Looks like it's a USAF / Army flak vest. with a hard plate attached
  16. FYI Word of warning guys. Thanks to a heads up from a fellow collector​, i found that the ERDL boonie I was trying to sell is a mislabeled smaller hat. The label says 7 1/4, but when I actually measured it, it only measured approx 53~54cm, which is more like 6 3/4. I found one on ebay that look suspect. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vietnam-US-Army-ERDL-Camouflage-Ripstop-Boonie-Hat-1969-MINT-Unissued-Size-7-1-4-/121770530436?hash=item1c5a16d684 pictures of the one I got
  17. wow, nice find! I think the fading/stains add a little bit of character to the set.
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