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  1. There are many pictures if you search online to see how the cords attach and were worn. The following were taken from Wikipedia to avoid any trademark issues. This Painting of the 9th Cavalry shows a Cavalry Officer on horseback talking to an enlisted Signal Corpsman. The color of the plume reflects the branch (yellow-cavarly, orange-signal corp) If you look very closely, you can see the officer's helmet cord is a metallic gold vs the color of his plume. Compare this to the enlisted cavalry troopers in the back which have helmet cords the same color as their plumes. This is mor
  2. The ones associated with the 1872 and 1881 helmets have always been called helmet cords. They are attached to the helmet and then they are very carefully looped around the dress uniform of that time. They are only present on mounted troops (Cavalry, Light Artillery, Signal Corp, Indian Scouts, and Field Officers from Infantry). They were attached in a way that the user wouldn't lose their helmet while on horse back. Because they were such a pain attach, many modified their cords so that they were cut into two pieces and latter attached by hook. Their color was associated with the brach wh
  3. I always enjoyed stopping to talk to Peter at the Vegas Show. I have several Items that I have bought off him over the years that I enjoy owning and I always thought he was person above and beyond most in the collector world.
  4. Good call on keeping the NCOs. I always enjoyed the gold trim on those dress uniform ranks vs the plain chevrons on the blouse / overcoat.
  5. JC Penney has announced closing a number of their stores and my wife wanted to go see if there were any good deals to be had. We went this morning and after pressing their clothing items, I ended up buying a few mannequins torsos. They had a 2 for one deal and ended up picking these torsos for $40 each. They had many different types as well. I know I have picked these up for a little less over the years, but they seemed in good condition.
  6. When we were deciding if we should have a second child, I was faced with the dilemma of were to put my collection as we would need the third bedroom for the new kid. Instead of putting everything in storage, I just added 350 sqft to the house and created a new kids room in the process. Much easier than deciding to pack up my collection.
  7. Do you work on these? ( I see another vehicle on a trailer in one of the pics)
  8. That airplane diagram looks like it goes to a B-47. Was this model also used int he B-47?
  9. Although I'm not old enough to have been a kid during the postwar era, When we were kids, we bought surplus liners and covered them in postwar British netting. We would tuck the netting under the liner suspension. It was very loose and would look "ghillie" drooped over our faces. When we would visit our grandpas ranch which had a 2 acre pond on the property, we would wear surplus flight suits. Since we were all tall children, the small sizes fit well. When it was time for dinner, we would just strip the suit off without bHaving to be hosed off. As a side story, my step dad's fa
  10. Combat Controllers, CCT, wore black berets during the war. I believe they switched to maroon in the 80's.
  11. That ship may or may have already passed to point of saving in terms of being able to restore to mission readiness. It may be cheaper to replace than restore. Interesting that the Chinese navy had a similar incident 3 months ago on one of their equivalent amphibious assault carriers. It it looks like the ship was undergoing repairs based on the appearance of the deck in the pictures. I know there were injured sailors and civies, but I'm so glad this ship wasent actively manned. Maybe an active crew could have put the fire out before it got out of hand, but I would not want to be
  12. Anyone see this auction on eBay? I didn't win the auction, but wanted to know if anyone had opinions as to the placement for the diamond / EGA. It was named to a Marine in Co. C of the Engineer Bn attached to the 6th Marines and 1st Provisional Marine Brigade at Reykjavik. It sold for $675, I was hoping to bid, but was priced out. I wanted to post it here for opinions and discussion as there is not much on the forum about them. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1941-USMC-Iceland-Brigade-Engineer-Detachment-IDd-Fur-Hat-w-Diamond-EGA/333646298901?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=
  13. Sorry, I reread your post and realized I misread it the first time. Yes it is a m16a1 with a newer lower and ( maybe a newer lower parts kit?). There was an import company bringing in a lot of these kits from out of the US but they had to cut the barrels to make them legal to import. They used to go for $400 ish minus a barrel and lower. An original barrel or clone could cost another $150ish plus $100 for a lower. Some of the nicer parts kits could go higher. It's not a good time for comps at the moment since covid / riots / nov election have really driven the prices up for anyt
  14. As someone pointed out already, your bcg is for an early upper with out a forward assist. We would have to see the other side of your rifle to see if you have a pre M16A1 style upper to match. Although I can't see from zooming in on your pic, your lower appears to be much newer to the rest of the rifle. Show us a pic of the other side and we can tell you more about the upper. The c h marking is the forge the upper was pressed, in this case Colt / Harvey Aluminum. Where Harvey Aluminum was the forge that forged the uppers for Colt.
  15. First off, Im sorry if I steered this thread in the wrong direction by asking about the second cord. As far as my first question, I know the constabulary units wore an occupation aiguillette that was red black and white, but I was not expecting a cord as seen in the second picture, but rather an aiguillette. I know the constabulary units were in Germany, but the 1st Cav served as a "Constabulary Unit" in Tokyo after the war and I have an uniform of a family friend that served in the 1st Cav HQ MP during the occupation and he has an occupation aiguillette. I was just seeing if the other cord
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