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  1. Could it possibly be a post war foreign used helmet?
  2. I really don't see why some people think they can state the helmet is bad with such certainty, merely because they have the feeling that it should display more wear. If the soldier would have gotten wounded in theater, the helmet was shipped to the states and was stored properly it definitely could look like this. Yes, one should have a healthy dose of suspicion, but again, there is no reason to state that it is faked with such certainty, and we should consider it honestly. On the disintigration of burlap: I've got pieces of original ww2 scrim from a vehicle net that was left behind duri
  3. Incredible helmet! Making decisions on the restoration philosophy on this one is tough though...
  4. I finally found a similar one: a 50's McCord with the same brass hardware. See this link: https://www.okshooters.com/threads/u-s-m1-helmet-collection.194381/page-6#post-2840507
  5. If you really want to be gentle you should use cotton swabs instead of a rag
  6. And the backs, showing the retainers with rounded and squared "lips."
  7. The bottom strap (or the one on the right) is the one on the helmet I showed you. The loose buckle is from a post war Belgian "M1 clone"
  8. The ends of the lips on the bail clips are square. The lips on the adjustment clamp on the long strap are rounded.
  9. The clips that mount the straps to the bails are regular black painted stainless. The heat stam is very hard to read but I can make out an M and .. 65.. (?)
  10. I picked up another Vietnam era M1 recently and I noticed that the chinstrap buckle is made of blackened brass with a ball attachment marked UC 2 (United Carr). The other shells I have have have green Korean war hardware or bear the anchor stamp. Where in the timeline would you place this one? Thanks!
  11. The common examples of those you tend to find have a slightly larger mesh and thinner rope.
  12. I am actually a Dutch US WW2 ETO militaria collector, but I just had to have one of those iconic Nam era M1's. Now I have three 1 front seam swivel bail 1 rear seam swivel bail (heatstamp suggests 1945 manufacture) 1 rear seam low dome Still looking to replace one late war cover for an early one
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