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  1. Welcome to the forum...you’ll learn a lot. I’m an American living and working Frankfurt am Main. Do you find much US stuff up there since there weren’t many stationed up there? You re-enact?
  2. In the mid 1970s ....the US Government changed the Fiscal Year from July to October because Congress needed more time to approve the budget.
  3. Hi: I see a US flag with white stars in a circle pattern....on blue...so I think earlier. War of 1812 or Revolutionary War....
  4. WOW artillery private...MA NG but yet he had 4 years of college...OCS then commissioned.
  5. You could ask if someone has a copy of the paperback book “Index to General Orders for the 94th ID” by Brandon T. Wiegand. He published/created many booklets for the various US Army units listing the soldiers rec’ing medals, etc. in 2005
  6. 4 battle stars on ETO would match 94th ID campaigns ....he ordered the jacket prior to going overseas on 6 August 1944 per 94th ID in wiki... Strange that someone tacked a USAAF patch over the 94th ID patch but we’ve all seen stranger things....maybe theater, etc. You could request his records...from US Military center and/or write Massachusetts State Archives records. You could also find his son’s contact info....and request assistance. You might find out a lot about the jacket and the soldier.
  7. Hi: Here is a picture of my Grandfather who served with 60th Coastal Artillery Corps (CAC) Battery "D" in St. Mihiel and Argonne offensives. He's wearing the 1st Army Artillery shoulder patch upon his return to CONUS....his picture was found in a yard long provided by another collector of this forum.
  8. That’s what I thought as I was going thru everything...it has a “mix” of everything a medic or service member might need for a medical emergency situation. Thanks for your comments...I recall the estate sale I attended was for a retired US Army soldier...found a lot of “stuff”.
  9. When I was in ArmyJROTC in 1969-72 officers carried similar 1911s
  10. I am sad to see his passing. Approximately 6-9 months ago ..he assisted in writing and updating my Grandfather’s WWI info in the 60th CAC. He was a wonderful man......
  11. US Arctic canteen..missing cups
  12. Nice...what years are on the reverse? from 1914 to..... 1918..1917..1916..1915 There are many versions. I would think 1914-1918..nice medal in great shape with pin
  13. USAF PT T-shirt 1972 issued at Lackland AFB, TX at Basic Military Training (BTM) "BITBURG" AB, Germany T-shirt 1974-76 when I was assigned to the 36th Combat Support Group (CSG) at Bitburg AB, Germany Served USAF Active Duty 1972-76, US Naval Air Reserve 1976-78, USAF Reserve 1995-2013
  14. That's great that "KADET" was able to provide the info...General Order numbers and dates. He must have the 82d ABN Div Index of GO or the 505th Para. Inf Reg. books by Brandon T. Wiegand. I have one of the 86th ID As far as mistakes......I agree...….I would think that all the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines wanted to do was get home....and have a normal life.
  15. So you have his DD-214 (discharge paper)? Can you post a copy of it? I find it hard to believe that they would “overlook” a Purple Heart and Bronze Star....even the most Rookie Admin/Personnel clerk wouldn’t over look that and the actual soldier wouldn’t let this be overlooked.
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