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  1. All, I found this tin box which I believe is from WW1. It has all the Allied Powers with Christmas 1914. As for what it was used for, I have no idea. Any advice would be appreciated. - Nick
  2. Thanks for the help! Sorry for the confusion, I meant “combat patch”. I will look into the references provided. Any help on the history of wear and authorization of the combat patch will be helpful.
  3. All, I hope your weekend is going well so far. I need to write a research paper on the history of the First Armored Division's patch and U.S. Army deployment patches. I wanted to know if anyone has any good references or articles written on the 1AD and deployment patches. Also if you have any rare variations of the patch, feel free to post them too. Also if anyone has any history on patch variations specifically on the 1AD that would be helpful too. I look forward to seeing your response! - Nick K
  4. I found these pins at an antique store and I have no idea what they are. Can anyone provide some information? Also what is a fair price for them? Thanks for the help. - Nick K
  5. Good Afternoon, I picked up this binder at a flea market the other day. The seller did not know anything about the binder besides that they found it in the basement of an old house at an estate sale. There is about 97 photos in the binder ranging from French generals to aerial photography, combat photos in action etc. etc. I provided about twelve photos below showing the wide variety. What do you think this folder was for?
  6. I dug deep through the forum and it seems that this is a more complicated issue. It seems the general conclusion is that there is not a general consensus and could be a variety of different things.
  7. Wake, thanks for the response but if you look at the inside of the piping its identical to the outside so i dont think its faded. Basic rifleman, i never knew any branch used pink piping.
  8. Ive had this for a long time and it has always puzzled me what pink piping stands for. I definitely think it is military though. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Ive never seen a medal like this, what do you think?
  10. From the little information I could find, I was thinking the same thing but besides that I have no idea. - Nick K
  11. Good Afternoon, I was offered this sword this weekend by a picker friend of mine but I have no idea what it is. The handle is ivory and the blade has U.S. marked on it. Any information you could provide I would greatly appreciate it. - Nick K
  12. All, I hope your weekend went well. I just picked up this MB-3 flight helmet but the odd thing it is black. I know most are white so that is what made this one particularly interesting. I hope yall enjoy seeing this rare bird and can provide more information! Nick K
  13. I just skimmed through this article and my takeaway was that you can have any type of watch you wanted but the strap needed to be military issued? https://thespringbar.com/blogs/guides/the-nato-strap Also here is a section from olive-drab.com: Watches were issued with a band, typically olive drab or black cotton. Watch bands were a separate item of issue for replacement. A typical one piece olive drab cotton band was "Strap, Wrist Watch" Stock No. F36-7198840, used to replace the band issued with the watch. You could buy a leather band in the PX if you didn't like the standard i
  14. It says Ingersoll on the dial, I thought the wrist band might be military issue since it was not leather.
  15. Good Evening, I recently picked up this watch from a Vets Great Granddaughter who said her grandfather used this watch during the war. I do not know anything about watches but wanted to know if someone here could help me, I look forward to hearing back from you soon. - Nick K
  16. Nice uniforms! I have one uniform from the Panama Canal Zone with the red and yellow patch. - Nick K
  17. Very cool! I received my bachelors degree from a small school in Washington, PA. - Nick K
  18. The qualifications are: Expert Rifle Small Bore Pistol Hand Grenade T.S.M.G. Machine Gun Bazooka
  19. I appreciate the response, what makes you lean towards no?
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