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  1. Here are some additional pictures of the helmet. The 29th Division insignia is about 2" in diameter. I acquired this helmet a few years ago. It came out of Virginia. I got it from someone who got it from the relative of the veteran. The veteran's last name was Jones. The helmet came with an overseas cap and picture of three GI's posing in German uniforms. That is about all of the history I have on it. I would appreciate any thoughts/opinions on the helmet.
  2. I have this WWII 29th Infantry Division painted helmet. I do not know much about WWII helmets, so I would like to get thoughts on this helmet, particularly on the 29th Division painted insignia, the net, and the liner. Thanks for your input.
  3. I want to replace the foam inserts in my wood display cases. I wanted to get some thoughts on what type of batting is best to use for display cases, which are 12" by 18" and larger. I will be covering the batting with unbleached cotton muslin. I found some chemically inert, additive-free polyester batting on the Gaylord Archival website (see link) and wanted to get some opinions if this is a good option. Also, is cotton muslin a good choice to use to cover the batting? Thanks in advance. http://www.gaylord.com/Preservation/Artifact-%26-Collectibles-Preservation/Labeling-%26-Supplies/1%22-P
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