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  1. Nice collection! Displayed very well for the limited area
  2. This old thread may be of interest to you: link I have been thinking of recreating it with my own pictures.
  3. I would say so, although I'm no expert. On RDF tops, the top pockets have a crease down the center which allows them to expand, which this top lacks (making me think it isn't RDF). Your top has the Elvis collar and the white tags (white tags only present on 1981 contracted BDU's). The colors all seem to me to match the BDU pattern.
  4. Usually USGI items are not marked "Made in..." Plus there is no DLA-DSA
  5. That's a cool piece! I'm interested to see what the others have to say.
  6. Interesting, I'll have to go check my notes for counterfeits now!
  7. I'm a big fan of the MK 2 design, and you have a really nice example. Good luck with the handle!
  8. You know, I once had a dream that I was leading a unit of troops during the Indian Wars. We came up to this deserted town and tried to find the residents, but had no luck. Then, out of nowhere, we were ambushed and swarmed by a war party. I ended up taking an arrow in the heart, and my men were all standing above me crying, and I was crying too. I actually felt like I was dying, the pain was overwhelming. When I woke up, I was sweating bullets and still kind of hurt. It took a second to remember who I actually am in real life. It was a crazy experience, to say the least. Do I believe in re
  9. I read the title and immediately imagined a little kid asking "Daddy, where do patches come from?"
  10. Does that mean that we will get some updated pics?
  11. I'm glad to see you on here Sir, yours is a well-known and respected name in the community.
  12. Howdy Garrison, I'm glad that you found USMF! Being that the Army is switching to OCP, UCP gear is getting cheaper and easier to find. There are certainly deals to be had, especially at flea markets, and if you can snag a nice ruck at a good price, I don't see a reason not to. Back when I started collecting I did the same thing, but I was picking up DCU and BDU gear that was being replaced by the ACU. Whatever you end up doing, good luck, and be sure to post your finds and ask any questions you have! The community here is really friendly and knowledgeable, and it's a great resource for any
  13. I keep seeing people referring to "Rag houses" and "Rag mills"; what are these mystical places?
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