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  1. I love the way these look on American helmets. I had one years ago and remember it looked and smelled really nice. Probably soaked in preservative.
  2. Nice to see one of these. Very obscure piece of gear I have yet to encounter IRL.
  3. Wow! Incredible condition. I have owned a few covers like this one with the nice dark shade and the snaps closer together. I like it!
  4. I just carefully removed the cover and took some more pictures.
  5. This is what I originally was thinking, but I began having doubts about that once I compared it to all the other covers posted online. The fabric used on my cover is no doubt US made fabric. I compared it to one of my early 80's BDUs and the color and pattern are identical. If you look in the threads Patches just linked, you can see all of the covers posted appear to have knock off patterns with colors that aren't exactly right. They also look to have been made with cheaper fabric and thread. I think it's more likely mine was a custom cover someone had made. Probably in the US. Although It doe
  6. I picked up this lid at the flea market a few weeks ago. I have found very little information on this type of cover. It seems some were made in the early 80's based on marked examples and photos of them in use I have seen. There seems to be a few different variants in construction and material, but I haven't been able to find one that looks exactly like mine. The fabric on my example is the same 50% nylon 50% cotton used on the desert pattern BDU's. The thread looks like a strong nylon. I removed the liner and looked under the flaps for markings and there doesn't appear to be any. The helmet d
  7. I like this one a lot. You can definitely tell it hasn't been messed with in a long time.
  8. Mine is likely going to take even longer... I have the "universal" version of this kit that is almost twice as long.
  9. There is always plenty of salt to go around when an auction is ended early thanks to a back door offer. In the end the seller is perfectly free to accept these offers, and there is no shortage of people offering them these days. I personally have made many offers for sellers to add buy-it-now options to their listings. But asking a seller to terminate an auction that already has bidders? This is something I don't like to see. Because not only is it taking advantage of a seller, it's robbing honest bidders of their chance to see the auction through. We all know this auction would have ended at
  10. That's interesting, I didn't know they were issued that late. I suppose there was no reason not to. I like the nylon ones, I have saved the two that I have found.
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