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  1. Hello Crassou and Hookemhorns88. Thanks for your welcome.
  2. Oh, I didn't know Texas was a republic. We must have forgotten that in Belgium. You teach me something. Thank you for your welcome.
  3. Thanks Old Marine and Backtheattack.
  4. Thank you for your welcome Thunderbolts and Sundance.
  5. Hello everybody, I have a question about the 1960s era case with clear plastic lid : Is it possible to determine the makers of these boxes? Is it only US Mint? I looked in the back of the interior jewel case but nothing. Best regards, Tommy
  6. Hello everybody, My name is Benoît and I come from Belgium. I am interested by the history of your country and more particularly by medals which are a fragment of this story. For the moment, i have a special interest for the story of USMC campaigns in the Pacific during the world war two because I'm reading about it right now. Thank you for your welcome. Best regards, Tommy85
  7. Hi everybody, Sorry but i'm new. The finish for the EGA's in WWII is only black for each maker? Thanks, Tommy
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