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Cap Camouflage Pattern I

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  1. I've seen a good number of photos of soldiers and marines using various mountain rucksacks in Vietnam. Are you interested in that or just WWII?
  2. It looks fine to me but it's not something I've studied too much.
  3. 5 April 1969 Long Than Recon Training Center 'Snake Bite' team members TDY from 1st SFG(A) Okinawa Left to Right Top: SGT Douglas McReady, SFC Artenis Arbogast, SSG David Robinson, SSG Henry Sablan, SSG Larry White SGT Angel Stabolito, 'unk' Bottom: SGT Wendell Smith, CPT Gerald Wareing, SSG Jesus Diaz, SSG Julian Fernandez, SSG Killis Jeter
  4. The liner change was in 1972 but there was one odd A washer liner contract awarded in FY74. This only applies to the type I ground troops liner the type II parachutists were never made with the removable suspension.
  5. The one on the left is jump wings, the one on the right I believe is some form of special forces
  6. 6 pocket modified DCU, breast pockets were added to the sleeve with the buttons on them replaced with velcro, and velcro added to the pocket body for patches and to the pocket flap for glint tape. Unfortunately the name has been stripped off but the rest of the patches remain. It belonged to a PO1 in Inshore Boat Unit 24 who earned the Small Craft Petty Officer in Charge award. The left breast pocket contains 3 awards which were never applied; Surface Warfare Specialist insignia, a Basic EOD badge, and the Navy and Marine Corps Parachutist Insignia. This is a sti
  7. Vietnam: no trespassing on this land Surplus helmet used by a protestor?
  8. No caption, but probably Royal Thai Army in Laos in either 1971 or 1972. Photo by CIA case officer Michael Ingham, from the Michael Ingham collection of The Vietnam Center and Sam Johnson Vietnam Archive at Texas Tech University.
  9. Liner decal is the army transportation corps school, it would take an odd chain of events to bring it to vietnam and back.
  10. This is the third and final version of the M52 vest. Nice one
  11. Catherine Leroy, plenty of Vietnam war photographers had interesting backstories but hers was one of the most IMO.
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