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  1. LOL yeah thats pertinent info just in case it comes up on trivia night.
  2. Good history. Bud man actually came out in 1969, the 56th arrsq was in Thailand 72-75 so it very well could be a likeness to him. But who knows.
  3. Yeah i haven't seen it before either, kinda looks like Bud Man LOL How many different variants have you seen? Thanks for the reply.
  4. Hello, picked these up today. Was wondering if anyone has seen this design for the SKI MU GIA PASS patch before? I'm pretty sure its original just unused. Thoughts?
  5. I had a impulse buy the other day on ebay, So this patch measures around 8 inches in diameter and i think it's chain stitched? The only patch i could find that looked close was the 43rd fighter squadron. But then again it may not be military.
  6. LOL my wife don't think much of it either. Then she spotted a silk escape and evasion map and tried to confiscate it. Key word TRIED LOL
  7. Funny how they get what they want LOL
  8. I got a couple of these the other day, thought i'd share them because i don't recall seeing replacement lenses.
  9. I would really appreciate it if you could find that article and send me a copy or post it. I have 7 of these now. 1 fw200, 1 Japanese torpedo bomber, 1 ju-86, 1 Do-217, and the rest are Ju-88s. I really appreciate your response to this post.
  10. Ok guys i appreciate the info.
  11. I know nothing about civil war items, is this an original or repo?
  12. Thought you Purple Heart collector's would like this, Its a old paper embossing stamper from the Fraternal order of the purple heart. This one is probably 30's 40's era.
  13. Then that silver star certificate i found online is his. It said he was wounded in the same action.
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