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  1. Any one know what the original color of these where?
  2. Hello, was wanting opinions on these badges, what has me suspicious is the pins open 180 degrees.
  3. So i sold this patch awhile back, i don't remember who bought it. If someone here bought it from me can you let me know i have a gentleman who knows the original owner that is looking for it. Thank you.
  4. I meant i found pictures of a couple wings just like this but not marked sterling. This wing i actually have. Thanks!!!!
  5. Hello, i found this style of Meyer wing but without the Sterling mark. The pin opens 90 degrees or less. Look good?
  6. Yes i still have a tub full of them, thanks for the referral !!!!
  7. Well at least there real LOL, thanks alot for the info. Nice wings RAM957!!
  8. Thanks, i was wrong though they are marked sterling.
  9. Just got these today, anyone know who might have made them? They are unmarked and measure alittle over 3 inches.
  10. Didn't know if i should start a new thread but i figured we where talking about it here so why not, here they are, maybe you guys can make heads or tails out of it.
  11. I don't know about them being silver star recipients, the paper work i have don't mention ss. i'll post pictures of everything in a few hours.
  12. The purple hearts are engraved and numbered, but they are for 2 different guys, one was in the 5th FA, the other in 307th, and 4th infantry regiments. Neither was in the 28th but maybe one of them was in all these campaigns. I thought all WW1 SS where named?
  13. Here's the lot, The ribbon bar with the SS i thought might go with the victory medal with 5 clasp's and one of the purple hearts, but i don't think it does.
  14. Ok thanks, great info, any idea what something like this is worth? I may sell it because i bought some WW1 purple hearts and thought maybe this one came with one of the purple hearts, there was a ribbon bar with the PH and the SS but i don't believe this actual SS goes with the group.
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