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  1. Thats the one i found, i thought mine could have been cut down from one of those but the inscriptions weren't the same so i was on the fence.
  2. Very nice, thanks for posting another one. Glad there's more out there like this, i was kind of worried that i couldn't find an exact match.
  3. it's 18 x 26 inches. Maybe it's unfinished, i couldn't find this exact one that reads write to USMC HQ for more details.
  4. Is there any significance to a WW1 era USMC good conduct medal that has the face painted red?
  5. It says Richland bank of Morrison Missouri, i looked it up it was around from 1915-41. I'm not sure if it was in Morrison missouri though.
  6. Is this a leaders stripe and why is it yellow?
  7. Got this yesterday, i think it may be a recruiting poster or something from the recruiter's office. Has a tag that states it was from a bank in Missouri. Any ideas?
  8. Anyone tell me what era this is or if it's real? I noticed that the colors are reversed.
  9. Oh perfect!!! thank you!! i like the brown look!
  10. Any one know what the original color of these where?
  11. Hello, was wanting opinions on these badges, what has me suspicious is the pins open 180 degrees.
  12. So i sold this patch awhile back, i don't remember who bought it. If someone here bought it from me can you let me know i have a gentleman who knows the original owner that is looking for it. Thank you.
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