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    American Militaria WWII to current issue
  1. Maybe the letter was re typed on a computer. It looks too neat to be from a type writer.
  2. Dril

    CMP 1911's

    I'm holding my breath haha I'd be so happy to finally have one!
  3. Damn, i was gonna go on monday. glad you told me
  4. Damn, i was gonna go on monday. glad you told me
  5. So thats like 1986 right? Thats close to gulf war
  6. Wow really nice t4 tank ammo box!!! Get that green paint off lol
  7. Really nice display! The half track is my fave
  8. Im glad you posted the illustration/diagram i was puzzled on the size too lol nice find!!
  9. I just sold one of those phillip morris cigarette cans ($15.00) i like the specialist ranks
  10. They look like they would go on a letterman jacket to me too. Since it says athletic goods.
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