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  1. The top looks like one of those circular PX unit patches sold in every stateside armor installation during the war.
  2. Grabbed these decals for two bucks apiece today, got a 2nd Armored, 506th PIR, and 820th Engineers. The insignia at least appears to be WWII vintage, as the 2nd Armored doesn't have the "Hell on Wheels" portion of the patch. The backs are unmarked except for the 506th decal which has instructions for application. What are these and what were they used for?
  3. Sorry for the low quality of the previous photos, here's higher quality with flash. The yellow on the back is glue residue from the scrapbook I would assume.
  4. Picked this up today. It passes the UV light test with no problems, the back looks snowy but it was apparently glued to the inside of a photo album for years so there is some wear and residue. It was cheap, so if it's not WWII vintage that's good with me, but what does everyone think?
  5. Inside his 90th Division booklet, including an illustration of the 90th's trail through Europe and the signatures of his gun crew.
  6. A closer look at two of the photos.
  7. I greatly expanded an existing grouping of mine today, finding several overlooked items from the same veteran's estate and a great deal of information. Corporal Walter J. Minucci was an artilleryman with Battery A, 345th Field Artillery Bn., 90th Inf. Division. He served in each of the division's campaigns, from the Normandy landings to Central Europe, and received the Purple Heart. I possess a photo of him with an artillery piece during training at Camp Barkeley, a photo of his posing with a statue during the campaign in France, and a postwar portrait of him in his uniform. Additiona
  8. Kristopher Battles is a great one to study, as seeing works by a combat artist in the GWOT is very interesting to me. This drawing of Reservist Marines on a firing range is one of my favorites.
  9. I've honestly never heard anything about a WWII Airborne Tank unit. That's incredible!
  10. J.S.

    PBR Grouping

    Wow, that might be the most complete grouping I've seen. Great looking pieces.
  11. Beautiful example of a great looking patch.
  12. Sadly, no. Written on the back of the portrait is "To 'Babe' from 'Art', received January 17th 1946." The only clue I'm hoping for is the meritorious unit citation and the off chance someone can possibly identify the island he's on in the black and white photo.
  13. Here's a small grouping to a WWII medic who saw combat in the PTO. I don't know the unit he saw combat with, as it appears in his portrait that he put his assigned unit patch and combat patch on the wrong shoulders (4th Army patch where his combat patch should be). I got this grouping for $11 at a local antique store, well worth it if you ask me. If anyone could give possibilities as to his combat unit, that would be much appreciated.
  14. If I do sell the group, which is highly doubtful, the 90th SSI certainly will not come with for exactly this reason. The inclusion of the SSI is just a preference for presentation, and I will never pass it off as original to the group.
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