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  1. I can’t speak to its history prior to my purchase in 1990 or so, but it was picked out from a pile of helmets at a flea market surplus dealer. I got it because it was the cheapest, as I was in elementary school, making money more important than condition. It’s possible I still have it, but I’ve not seen it in 10-15 years. I hate being the jerk that says “I’ve got one, but I can’t provide pics,” but here I am. I remember the dome having a number of minor dents, and the paint being a lighter green. I don’t recall there being any cork.
  2. I had a front seam swivel bail back when I was young that had very clearly been cooked in. There was soot and fire damage to the paint. One of the bails has been broken off, so perhaps someone kept a spare beater to cook in, but there is no doubt that had sat on a fire or in coals. All the damage was on the dome, not the rim, so it had been sitting upside down.
  3. It seems like black soldiers often got assigned the worst jobs back when the army was segregated. I worked with a gentleman some years back who was as part of a unit that handled ordnance. Obviously there were some combat units towards the end of the war, but that seems to have been an afterthought. A very interesting era in history.
  4. This isnt accurate. There is a variety of air force guidon that just has these wings. Its for I believe an aviation assault unit. This guidon isnt a real one, but its not for that reason. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F333458847640
  5. Not government issue. Probably a presentation piece.
  6. It looks like an original WW2 era flag. HOWEVER, that doesnt mean it dates from that period. The QM used WW2 flags up until the 1960s (in my opinion), so this could represent a later era. Dates were sometimes ink stamped, somethings written. Absent a clear date not much can be said.
  7. Youve gotta love the internet. Nothing disappears.
  8. The original officer who it was presented to ended up gifting it to another individual in the 80s or 90s. When that guy died, his son sold it on eBay, but he lacked the knowledge to list it with the correct terminology so it was ignored. It wasnt cheap, but Ive paid more for lesser flags. It came with some paperwork that is about as solid as I could ask for, and then there are the photos.
  9. Period photo. Note the blocky letters on the streamer.
  10. The original, with provenance. Period photos of it are in the company history book. QM tagged, field made streamer.
  11. Damn thats a nice guidon and pic.
  12. Sorry for the lack of clarity. I meant that the paint on the outside was spotless white, while the inside (as your additional photo demonstrates) has notable rust and pitting, as do the chinstrap bits. You can literally see crisp edges from the stencil tape still. Again, I guess its possible, but I find myself having to explain away this helmets bad traits rather than pointing out its good ones. Your money, your helmet, but it doesnt give me any warm and fuzzy feelings. Check the muster sheets and see if anything comes back.
  13. That helmet in the photo really does look like a side photo, and the fact that the seller is now dodging questions gives me a bad feeling. Have you checked his name on muster rolls? The seller would also be born around 1930, meaning that he is nearly ninety and is now selling his original selling stuff on eBay. I guess that’s possible. And that fresh white paint with rust on the interior? Too many red flags, sorry.
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