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  1. The two were split up https://www.ebay.com/itm/ORIGINAL-WW2-PARATROOPER-HELMET-WITH-REPAIRED-D-LOOPS/254527895564?hash=item3b430b780c:g:s7EAAOSwRYReW-0X https://www.ebay.com/itm/ORIGINAL-WW2-INLAND-PARATROOPER-HELMET-LINER/254527866687?hash=item3b430b073f:g:a48AAOSwbEReW-e2 No doubt in my mind the seller (forum member) has seen this thread. Just waiting for his response....
  2. He also has a AB liner that is "100% original" even though it seems to have a suspect (probably postwar) fabric chincup https://www.ebay.com/itm/100-ORIGINAL-WW2-M-1C-PARATROOPER-HELMET-LINER-AIRBORNE/254521332182?hash=item3b42a751d6:g:DA8AAOSwxw5eUu-2
  3. If the Army knew the D-loops presented an issue, why would riggers fix a swivel loop helmet with d-rings? To me this helmet has clear red flags that its not even worth looking at. IMO, the only thing of value is the Inland airborne liner, but recently a faked inland para liner was sold as original so Im skeptical on that too. I know the seller is a forum member here, so maybe he can chime in
  4. Just a heads up for all forum members, here is his eBay page. He currently has one listed: https://www.ebay.com/usr/ww2imposter?_trksid=p2047675.l2559
  5. Are we going to approach this the same way we approached Dom (Screamingeagles101st), where hell have a chance to explain himself? Or will it be an immediate ban?
  6. I recently snagged an inland para liner and cant wait to pair it with an M2. Until then, Id love to see any and all M2s that forum members own!
  7. The seller is Grant from Circa1941. Yes hes a forum member
  8. I recall seeing this helmet in a video Regimentals made a few months back. They claim to have bought it at the MAX show from "a very reputable dealer" Skip to 9:35 to the raider helmet, and immediately following the raider set he talks about a 29th set with hawley liner
  9. That's an incredible liner, I hope to add one to my collection someday!
  10. Thanks everyone! The liner has the original factory finish. I've attached a picture of the exterior of the liner plus a better shot of the interior.
  11. I can finally cross this one off my bucket list. An Inland Airborne Liner with a fixed bail shell. It comes complete with double wire sweatband, nape strap and green buckle chinstrap. The uncommon flat chin cup has 9 or 10 holes poked in it, I presume one for every jump the trooper made. The fixed bail shell matches the liner perfectly. I'm content with the fixed bail shell for now, but am willing to sell my entire helmet collection to fund that sweet, sweet M2. I'll probably be on the hunt for that one for a while.... but in the meantime, enjoy!
  12. This topic should've been posted in the "Real or what" section or "What it's worth" section
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