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  1. Get another broken chinstrap. Sometimes collectors will sell them for parts. Cut a 1 inch piece of leather from the "parts" strap. Splice the original with the 1 inch strip on the back side of the break. Super glue should work fine. If done properly, it will be hard to notice the repair. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  2. Hello all. I am the current caretaker of this helmet. If I recall correctly, Dom bought this helmet off of eBay originally. I can not say for certain but I believe I was "watching" it when it was being auctioned. Dom tried selling the helmet here for more than it was worth. He eventually put it on eBay where I picked it up for a very reasonable price. Although Dom did some unethical modifications to several helmets, I do not believe that this one was messed with. If you look at the pictures of this helmet you will notice that it almost looks like a blue / green camo. It is blue but the green l
  3. I found an old Ebay listing of this helmet and saw that the seller had found another set of initials that I hadn't found yet.
  4. There were 80+ pages in Mr. Goodall's service records. I took screenshots of all of the signatures that were in the files and added them to this collage. The top right is the penciled "Goodall" that was inside the helmet. This was the last piece of the puzzle and in my mind and several other collectors opinions, has put to rest any doubts as to whether this is his lost helmet. My hope is that we will avoid an amateur forensic handwriting debate on this thread. So, just to list the evidence one last time... 1. The helmet was blessed by some of the most knowledgeable collectors in our h
  5. Last night I had the honor of having dinner with Mr. Goodall. I spent two and a half hours listening to his stories. It was an incredible opportunity and I plan to see him again soon. As you can see from the picture, I brought the helmet. I think it kind of blew him away. After seeing the helmet and the different places where he had identified it, this is what he said... "I have to admit that I was skeptical when you contacted me and told me that you found my helmet. Now, I think I'm convinced." we also discussed going to the D-Day museum in Virginia to bring the two helmets together. One
  6. Nice helmet! Good detective work too. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  7. I got an email back from Mr. Goodall last night. His only concern with the helmet is the shade of the gray stripe. He remembers that it was a very light gray or dark white. He said he called a buddy who was also in the 7th NBB and, without prompting, said it was a light gray. He did say that he realized that people sometimes messed with souvenirs trying to make them look better and that might be what happened with this helmet. He himself did it with the 29th. This helmet has a coat of varnish / shellac on it that has aged to a brown. It has made the original green look like dark brown. Tha
  8. I tried taking more pictures at different angles and with different lighting. I think this is a much better representation. In my opinion, it says "Goodall". The "a" is separated from the "l's". Doug
  9. The C and G on the chinstraps appear to have been done with a stamp. The CAG is neatly scratched into the paint on the back edge of the liner. The penciled "Goodall" is on the inside of the shell. The stenciled name on the top of the helmet is a mystery for now. If he picked the helmet up in Norfolk at Signalman School, it could be anyone. I am planning to go see Mr. Goodall in April. I haven't pushed too much for what I want. He has lots of stories and I'm just happy to listen. Who knows, he may have a picture somewhere of him in his helmet. In talking with him, I don't think he really
  10. I agree. I have put together enough info to be able to request his records. It might take a while but there should be several examples of his signature in his files. Thanks.
  11. I may have misread my notes. He was supposed to be 2nd wave on an LCVP and his buddy was supposed to be 3rd wave LST. I think that's right. They got switched. He said he also notice that they had his rating as Seaman 1st Class (I think) on the paperwork and he wonders if that's what happened in the mix-up. Either way, he said it still really bothers him. His boat couldn't get into the beach because of the mess so they had to hold and watch. I know one story says that he came in the next day. He told me he thought he got to the beach sometime that night. Either way, he was supposed to have been
  12. Update... I spoke with Mr. Goodall yesterday for quite a while. At the end of the conversation, I got his email address and sent him some pictures of the helmet. This morning I followed up with him to ask more questions and see what his thoughts were on the helmet. We talked for another 35 minutes. So, I've been on the phone with him for a total of more than an hour and he did most of the talking. So I have lots of notes but I will hit the high points. He said the helmet looked like what he remembered but he distinctly remembered that it had a gray stripe all of the way around it. I to
  13. Guess who I just talked to for 20 minutes... "Hello Mr. Goodall. Guess what I found..." Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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