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  1. What is the award next to the purple heart?
  2. This tab and the tab that looks like this and says "constabulary" do not go with the constabulary SSI.
  3. I believe that questionable ribbon is a world war 2 commeritive medal which obviously came out much later than world war 2. Also the SF tab I believe did not come out until 1986 or somewhere around that time and also the POW medal as mentioned earlier also didn't come out until the 80's. So there are many recent additions to this jacket that aren't correct for the period. Also with the SF tab it has never and still currently not worn on the right shoulder it is only worn on the left.
  4. Also does anyone what patch this is?
  5. Anyone know when this patch was used and what it was used for? Obviously it's for the 82nd airborne division, but was this a pocket patch or something else? I believe its late 50's 60's era but I'm not 100% sure on that. Any information would be a big help.
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