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  1. I guess Jkash23686 remains a valued member of this forum.
  2. I am returning to post an unexpected turn of events: Jkash sent me a full refund as of 1 hour ago. In the spirit of full transparency I wanted to post this here. I am shocked in all honesty. Especially after a week of silence. I really hope he is sending money to everyone he burned. -R67 out.
  3. I would think it's on the folks who accepted Jamie into the most protected levels of collecting knowledge to show us the deserve the reputations they so enjoy. They run a huge amount of the online collecting community. They were fooled like the people who paid him money; only after years of telling people they should listen to their opinions- many people did. But this was manufactured for over 6 years, and is still somehow unresolved as Jkash23686's account remains un-banned after all this proof. I made a mistake and I am owning it. Time others did something similar. Meanwhile,
  4. Time to close this thread. I am glad it stayed open, and I thank the mods who kept it open. Now it is causing more problems than good. If we need, we can open another thread.
  5. I don't expect my money back. I asked for a refund on the 6th, the day after the thread blew up. I have yet to receive an email.
  6. May we see this email? I am curious as to the wording.
  7. Hey there, you did not introduce yourself in the New member's section. Please make a post there and introduce yourself. Welcome to the USMF.
  8. He blocked a member on instagram, therefore currently has internet connection. Thoughts?
  9. Wow. Great to see this. Thank you for sharing and congrats!
  10. Please don't speak for me, Dean. From my point of view, the only things we deserve are the helmets we bought. Jkash was a fraud, and there will always be frauds. We knew there are A LOT of frauds in WWII helmet collecting. Heck, there are threads every month talking about new fakes entering the market. But we still made our decisions. At a certain point it is healthy to say: "Yes, I was burned. But it was my fault for falling victim to wishful thinking." Personally, by owning my choices I know I will not be duped like this again. In terms of how most collectors will move on: We
  11. Larry, You rock. Seriously. I know you rock, because not only do you have a serious collection; but your books are excellent. The book pictures got me more than the collection shots! You got "Stand in the Door"??? The Breuer texts????!!! The recent 509th book "The Boldest Plan is The Best" read like a condensed version of "Stand In The Door"- not much original content to contribute to the record, IMO. Then there's the Zouave Badge.... As I said: Larry rocks. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Wow. Really great thread. For the medical experts, thank you for chiming in.
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