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    Mainly collection militaria from the Vietnam era, and medals from WW2.
  1. How do they send someone the wrong helmet, and even send your helmet to someone else? What a major screwup, let's just home that it all works out in your favor, because I sure like that helmet and especially for the price!
  2. Awesome finds for you collection and I really like your pictures as well, really brings out the details!
  3. My German isn't great, but with subtitles it's easier for me to understand. I think I will watch it, thanks for sharing, both of you.
  4. That car sure has seen better days, but I'm looking forward to you taking it back to that condition. Seems like a lot of work, but also very rewarding, keep it going!
  5. I don't know how many were produced, sadly. But it sure is a nice find in a decent condition for the price!
  6. An interesting sight, but for 5000 I would pass too. Fun to see at least, thanks for sharing!
  7. A neat little collection, and worth even more when it's from your own family. You're lucky and take good care of them for the future!
  8. You could buy a tank for that price, but on the other hand that requires a lot more maintenance and space. Far, faaaaaar out of my price range too sadly, but I would however earn 100$ in eBay bucks, but even for 10% off, they're not reasonably priced for me..
  9. I love it, a man cave filled with style and important personal and world history!
  10. That must have been the biggest collection of US helmet I have ever seen, awesome!
  11. At first glance it looked really small, but when I saw the helmet I realized how big is it, lol. Great job!
  12. Yes, definitely spray paint. You can see how the paint kind of pools up towards the middle and less the farther out you look.
  13. A great find, one man's trash is another man's treasure? Well done.
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