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  1. Hello everyone! Today at the antique store I picked up this U.S. Navy MkXI Mod7 optic with multiple patent dates (see images) for $90. My question is what these have been mounted on? Is it possible to somehow figure out what ship this belonged to by what I believe to be the serial number (see images)? How common are these things? Thanks in advance! In addition to the following images, you can view them uncompressed, as well as the images I just can't seem to upload here, by using this link. P.S. - Sorry if this does not belong here.
  2. Here are the rest of the pictures...
  3. Hello all! I come to you with a question largely regarding value. I have recently purchased what I am 99.9% sure is a Navy Mk.I gas mask for $200. It is shipping from Germany. Anyways, what is the usual price on one of these? I've not been able to find any for sale or any price-points, so I'm really hoping I didn't get screwed. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello, I have been looking for information about doughboys using the M1897 leggings either state-side (in training) or once first arriving in France. However I have not found any information. So I am looking for any images or documents or anything of any sort that would help me in my quest. Thanks in advance, ~G. Moore.
  5. That's definitely a possibility, thanks! I talked to the folks at the Invisionzone Great War forum, and they said that it was indeed a WWII one. Here is the link to that thread. I will likely just sell it or replace the buttons with zinc ones and use it in my reenacting for WWI. Thanks for yours (and everybody elses) help!
  6. Thank you! Are there any other stamps other than 'C' and 'D'?
  7. I know not if this is true, but I read somewhere a while ago that helmets stamped only with 'ZD' followed by their number were actually issued to the men in France. I've not ever seen a 'ZC' stamp. Is it just a difference in batch number or manufacturer? Thanks in advance, ~G. Moore.
  8. Thank you very much! Your effort and links are much appreciated!
  9. Thanks for your help! Greatly appreciated!
  10. Here is 'side two', or what I believe to be the back side.
  11. Hello, This past Saturday I was at an antique expo in Ohio, and I came across this small card. I think that it is a Navyman's pass for leave, or a boarding pass for the U.S.S. Isabel. Has anyone seen anything like this before? ~Thanks. Shown is 'side one', or what I believe to be the front side.
  12. Do you know of any British forums that would aid in its identification?
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