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    WW2: stoves, uniforms, patches, field gear, and packs!

    Particularly interested in the 10th Mountain Division!
  1. Here is an article of the LST-400: http://www.military.com/Content/MoreContent1/?file=dday_0025p2 Killer grouping. -Jose
  2. It is a really heavy weight but with right measurements and some $7, I made it work. Thanks for the comments everyone. I will be photographing the endure medic kit in detail later today (midterms are done, spring break here it comes).
  3. The set up includes a sergeant chevon Hawley liner, wool overcoat, M43 Liner, and Medic Suspenders with the bags. The bags are complete with all of their contents. I will post the contents once I'm done with midterms this week. I just wanted to post the set up because I really liked it. -Jose
  4. Hello, I finally made a new stand that is able to hold my wool overcoat and everything else. Here are some pictures:
  5. Yeah that would be awesome! I hope they post updates to keep us in the loop of when the book is coming out.
  6. never mind just found s picture on the forum. Plywoods are more common right?
  7. Can anyone show a plywood example? I'm curious what the difference is!
  8. Nice, I've always wanted one with the rattan frame. How did you come to yours?
  9. You know, out of all the WW2 Uniforms, I found the USMC Dress Blues the most elegant. Very nice group.
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