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  1. cool i just wanted a nice ww2 usmc example. it is crazy a guy with your last name is issued a pair of pants and years later different war you get them. wonder if they were related.thank you guys for helping me figure this out.
  2. the pants have the letters ki in them looks like the beginning of the name ki rby/ kirby. not saying it is but it is strange to me how a guy named kirby got the pants of another guy named kirby in the same division after the war? was unis changed after the war? i have read no where that mix matching was not done in fact in grunt gear it goes against that theory in the beginning they used a mix of army and marine corps clothing and other gear so why would older pants if in good shape not be issued until stock is depleted. i hope more people chime in thank you all so much .
  3. sorry do you read it right to left?
  4. ok so what is 422 and is that the same kirby you think?
  5. ok i bought a nice ww2 uniform pants and top the pants are the m41 very light you can see the unis mark. it is a fourth marine division . the four on top is rank i believe the numbers on the inside are 477? ok here is the strange part i will attach a link to where i bought it his pictures will be way better than mine https://www.ima-usa.com/products/original-u-s-wwii-usmc-hbt-herringbone-twill-p44-combat-field-utility-named-set-jacket-and-pants?variant=31894358130757 ok we see the name R.W. KIRBY. i looked on this site for a kirby https://1stbattalion24thmarines.com/the-companies/bio
  6. ok got the final book and it is good . i must say i was surprised by how little there is in a kit not sure why but i thought there would be more. thank you guys very much gerat books.
  7. thank you it is a model i can work off of. looking i have a lot of the gear needed.
  8. i got the book i love them but you guys were right it is not what i am looking for. i guess what i would like is to be able to put a set up together that would represent a d-day solider. still waiting for the windrow book. thank you guys very much.
  9. ok i got these books on the way. could you please tell me does it tell alt gear or different set ups.
  10. this is amazing to me more people at home than ever and no one can give me a good site / reference material something. what do you guys use to set up a mannequin or dress for reenactment? that is what i need. if no one here knows that would be very ironic considering this is the us military forum .
  11. i have a bunch of gear i have been hording i would like different options as to the different set up . for example did the guy always have a m3 fighting knife or was it ok to have the navy mark 3? i would like to see period picture of what they have on.
  12. i wanted to see different combat gear set up for us soldiers in ww2 i have the book world war ii us army combat equipments by gordon l rottman. is this the best book out there (hard to believe it is). so what other books should i get that would show more and better detail of the set up of the ww2 gi thank you
  13. no other good books on the subject
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