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  1. Wow! Too bad for the honest folks. Thanks for the info!
  2. Why can't these fraudsters be stopped, arrested, sued, etc.???
  3. Where can I research the name engraved on this medal? Thanks.
  4. Why doesn't someone who's an authority on this stuff prosecute them??
  5. OK. Thanks very much.
  6. Thank you. My wife's uncle was in the Tank Destroyer Corps and brought back some coins (nazi, Bavarian, Polish, French, etc.), some paper money, a uniform cap insignia, and a gold mothers medal. Wasn't sure how to deal with the coins. Will research these things and probably hand them down to the grandsons.
  7. I have several nazi coins that have the swastika on them. They are corroded. Should I try to clean them? I'm not a collector, they came from a family member who brought them back from the war.
  8. These people need to be arrested for fraud!
  9. I have two large ammo boxes, one wooden and one metal. They have lot numbers on them. Can I tell the age by researching the lot numbers?
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