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  1. What sort of thrift shops do you guys have over there? You only find cruddy used clothes in the ones over here!
  2. ka bar


    I went to see the 1pm session of fury today... It is, the best war movie of WW2 I have ever seen... Why?... Being set in the last moments of the war, there is a sense of urgency among the soldiers to get it over with and the continual loss of life makes it all the more tragic... There wasn't a big back story on the main characters so we "got to know them"... You got the impression that all or most were going to die...adding to the suspense.. There wasn't a deliberate attempt to zoom in on all the equipment, you saw the gear as tools in order to get the job done... The gore was perfectly done...enough to be realistic and common place in war...a bullet to the head ain't going to always leave a pretty little red dot! The dialogue in my opinion was tastefully done...after seeing so much carnage I am sure I would not be worrying about saying please, thank you and lifting my pinky while sipping a cup of tea... You get a sense of how vulnerable these machines could be...seeing all those lads in a wounded tank just waiting for the inevitable... how horrifying The interaction between the tank crew just showed how psychologically damaging war can be...they all looked so exhausted, sad, angry, scared...thank goodness there wasn't stupid, cocky little jokes every 5 mins... I absolutely loved this movie...to the cast and crew...WELL DONE!
  3. Hi there... Yeah, my comment about it having a carbine look was a pretty silly thing to say...I have to agree with you there! I called it a battle rifle because I thought that's what it was called... I have NO military experience...so if it is called something else, i really didnt know...sorry about that!
  4. There will always be the entrepreneur types who will capitalise on these opportunities... This is not limited to eBay... Sales of bowie knives went through the roof after the Crocodile Dundee garbage movies came out... But it must be kind of hard for those poor sellers who may have real genuine tanker helmets on the bay... But hopefully no one will get suckered into buying the overpriced ones... That's where USMF is a great resource...
  5. benskywalker72 is my eBay id I only buy...never sell.
  6. There may be a risk of resilient extremophilic pathogens which may reside in any of the filter material... Just dont inhale through the mask...
  7. ka bar

    WW2 Machete?

    Hey GB... Mate, no offence taken at all... Machetes arent really my thing... I agree with you about making these generalised comments... Will leave it to the more experienced collector to make more educated comments... Regards...Ben.
  8. ka bar

    WW2 Machete?

    It has an unusual grip for a military issue... And I think they had plastic grips... Like this one...
  9. Awww C'mon.... Sorry for this but this is SO unfair!!! Could someone please adopt me from USMF so I have a slight chance of seeing this many patches in one place please?! I cook, clean, have great first aid skills and have an awesome Aussie accent What a truly exciting find this must have been... Those collar insignias are just unreal... The air cav patches are much bigger than I thought...
  10. Patches... This is an awesome site... It covers all the history of TOPGUN as well which I asked about in another thread... Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you...
  11. Hello... I search for TOPGUN patch on google and so many different ones come up I don't know which are genuine... I searched on USMF and there is no specific topic on the reference section... Could someone either post an image of a genuine TOPGUN patch for me or shove me to a link which has a genuine one for me please?
  12. ka bar

    pilot knife

    The mighty JPK... A truly awesome little piece of US hardware... I have an unissued Camillus JPK in mint condition 1983... No collection is complete without at least one... I love yours too!...
  13. A unique find...a great conversation piece What is a brass orphan?
  14. Some heavy duty engines... The noise...boy howdy!
  15. Whoaaah... Awesome hink... So you flew in F-14s eh? Sounds wicked!
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