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  1. Hey !!! 😉 Great memories I'm agree ! Hope you and yours are well my Friend ?
  2. Hello, I think it all depends on the size of the blouse... Sometimes it's more, sometimes it's less ! 😏
  3. Thanks again for this answer aznation !!!
  4. Once again Thank you very very much for your help ! I think he was in Air Service... 103rd squadron in 1917... at the beginning of 1918 I lost him... Thanks ! ;-) Loïc
  5. Hello, I'm looking for informations about "Robert Lloyd Wells Owens"... I think he was born in 1889 in Maryland but don't know his division... Thanks for your help ! Regards, Loïc.
  6. I agree with you ! Thanks for sharing your opinion and these photos ! Loïc.
  7. Maybe because he was discharged in France he didn't received the FG tunic...
  8. Hello Kevin, Sometimes the tunic is in good condition... Here an exemple with John B. Steinel... Discharge in France... This army tunic with over seas stripes and shoulder patch are legit. This uniform can exist.
  9. Wonderful group !!! Thanks for sharing !!! ?
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