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  1. Wow and I though I had a lot with my messily one. Fantastic helmet and fantastic collection. Oddly I’ve had a very different experience with second ID helmets... always thought of them as rather rare
  2. Here's one of mine, a 3rd ID helmet with a bullet that entered but did not exit, you can see where the round impacted opposite the division insignia on the inside of the shell. also note the lighter blue shade of the insignia commonly seen on early helmets worn in Africa and Italy. sadly there is no name, one of my top shelf helmets for sure Graham
  3. Steller helmet, the 8th ID is one of my favorite units and they have maybe the best motto of them all. “These are my credentials”
  4. Wow, truly one of the coolest helmets I’ve seen in a while. Not too often do you see an ETO helmet with a proper camouflage pattern, not to mention named and marked with rank insignia. Bravo Graham
  5. I agree, a simple plane Jane fixed bail is starting to get pretty expensive these days, one pained, named, with a Hawley, i'd say you should look to pay something like 600, maybe 700
  6. I don't like this helmet and here's why 1. its a ranger helmet, and in my experience this is truly the holy grail of helmet collecting, in my time collecting I have ever only seen 2 or 3 confirmed originals marked with the 2nd or 5th ranger bats. like blacksmith said, I would only really expect to see one like this changing hands between serious collectors and definitely not for the public to see. 2. I've seen one 5th ranger lid that was definitely real, and another that may of been, both of their stenciled 5's are from a different stencil and the diamond is smaller, that't not necessarily a d
  7. my 2 cents on the whole situation is that a similar style of photography does not necessarily mean that it is the same person, in this case it does mean that they both are fairly skilled photographers, or at least have very nice cameras. I myself take photos of my helmets in a very similar fashion with my fathers camera. My father is a semi professional photographer in his free time and as I am home from school I've been able to pick up a few things here and there from him. This helmet I've photographed I picked up from the M-1 Helmet depot back in 2016 I think and I took this photo maybe a mo
  8. Absolutely fantastic lids and story. A second ID helmet is certainly on my helmet bucket list
  9. They are incredibly hard to acquire, that liner is also incredibly hard to acquire
  10. What are people’s thoughts on this one. I’ve never actually seen a 517th helmet in person so I’m not really sure what to look for, other than the obvious modifications to the chinstrap and the helmet paint. Also I feel like I’ve seen this helmet before, maybe it was discussed here or maybe on another forum. Anyway I’m curious to see where people stand on this one. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F383588965084
  11. These helmets that you’ve described (ones with nets or liners added by you to the helmet) are called put togethers. In my opinion there is absolutely nothing wrong with displaying a put together helmet, I have several in my collection. To me the standard for a put together helmet should be that all added parts are original period and that they do not change the helmet in anyway that can’t be changed back. For example: I would NEVER use period original paint on a period original helmet to make an insignia say a 1st Infantry Division insignia. Additionally I think it is important to disclose to
  12. You could do a hell of a lot worse for your first helmet, I certainly did. Nice pickup!!!
  13. Thanks for all the great comments guys. Display is something I’ve really gotten into over the last couple of years, I built all the stands myself out of some dowels I cut and candlestick holders.
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