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  1. Thanks!! Is that a guess, or are you pretty sure that is it? Do you have any more information on them? I am from Joplin MO and am thinking about marking my GPW as such. Thanks again, I really appreciate it.
  2. Im hoping for some help identifying bumper markings. This photo was taken stateside in Joplin, MO. The markings are ASFTC CPC-5. From what Ive seen and heard, ASFTC is Army Service Forces Training Center. Any ideas on CPC-5? All the jeeps bear the same markings, and all belong to HQ company. The quarter panel marking appears to be the 7th Service Command, which makes sense with it being in MO.
  3. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. It was a fun and difficult project, I'm glad to finally be able to have it finished up and photographed. It took a little over a year and a half of actively searching to assemble. I started with just the ladle, an it went downhill from there!
  4. I recently finished acquiring and restoring the components of the 20-Man Cooking Outfit. This was a very difficult kit to assemble, and there are very few of them remaining. I believe this is the only kit that has been restored. The stoves were completely rebuilt, the steel utensils were stripped and tinned/blued as appropriate. All items date between 1941-1944, no post war or civilian components. There are not very many good photos of these kits, so I thought it might be beneficial to get some detailed photos posted. Hope you enjoy! A short history of the stove, as read f
  5. Hi Tom, Thanks for the reply. I hadn't considered the idea of the 115th AAA being a post war unit. I still haven't been able to find a single thing that lists a "115 AAA BDE", wartime or post war. Do you know if the 115th AAA BDE would have come directly from the 115th AAA BN? It is curious that the lid is dated '42, and the stamp markings are on the first layer of factory OD green. Maybe it sat in storage unused until being issued post war? I have been able to find a little bit of information on the 146th, I emailed a few arty specific pages to see if there is anything else tha
  6. I apologize for the sideways photos, it makes it look a lot more confusing. They are all facing correctly on my computer, but get turned sideways when uploaded to the forum. It also won't let me edit the photos now that they are uploaded, go figure.. I just thought the different layers and styles of markings were interesting, here they are in order (bottom layer to top) Lid: "HQ BTRY 115-AAA-BRIG" ---- (identical stamp on three layers) "D-803" Canister: "BTRY B 146 TH FA" ---- (1" stencil) "BTY B 146 F" ---- (1 5/8" stencil) "B BTRY 146 ---- (3/4" stenc
  7. First layer of markings, BTRY B 146 TH FA
  8. These are the lid markings. The first three layers of OD each have the exact same (HQ BTRY, 115 AAA BRIG) markings, and then the top coat is marked to D-803
  9. I recently picked up my second M1941 mermite (the plan is to a mess jeep display), and I was lucky to find some original markings under the tastefully applied blue/yellow/white civilian paint . The canister has 4 layers of OD green, and each layer has unit markings. The bottom two are marked to Battery B, 146th Field Artillery Regiment. I believe the top two layers are marked to B Battery, 803rd Field Artillery Battalion (B-803). The lid has 4 layers of OD green, the bottom three are marked (a rubber stamp of sorts) to HQ Battery, 115th AAA Brigade, and the top coat is marked to D-8
  10. I'm not sure if the one in the photo is correct for an "issue kit". Wouldn't be surprised if it were swapped out during the war, as it seems to match the patina on the other utensils. When I measure my utensil roll in approximately the same location where the fork sits (in the above photo), it only comes in around 10", much too short. There was a war on, so who knows if they substituted different size utensils, but I haven't seen another fork like the one pictured. The bottom fork (US 1941) in my original photo appears in all the wartime photos of 20-Man sets that I have seen so far.
  11. I am working on the "Outfit, Cooking, 20-Man", and am doing some research on a few of the items I am missing; in particular the 15" Meat Fork. There are two main types so far as I have seen, the earlier tinned steel "stamped style", and the later bent wire type. If anyone has a lead on where I could find one of the stamped versions (bottom one in the photo), any help would be appreciated!
  12. I recently picked up two S.M. CO 1943 dated 1.75 gallon M1941 mermite inserts. As they are in fair condition, with decent rust issues; I am planning on having them stripped and professionally retinned. I am looking for one more S.M. CO 1943 dated tinned steel insert in order to complete the set. Other than eBay and antique stores/craigslist, are there any known sellers who sell these inserts? On a side note, these two inserts had the exterior painted OD green. The paint job appears to have been done rather well, not a quick spray of OD (handles and hinges completely painted, no runs
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