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  1. Great score! Correct, WALSH (Walsh Harness Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin) is considered very rare. You don't see them come up for sale too often. Manufacturing info and quantities of the M1916 holsters has been a difficult to come by. Hope somebody will come along with more info.
  2. Super cool piece!
  3. I recently acquired this steel artillery shell case. The base is stamped with just the letter D. The dimensions are 3" x 10.5". I used electrolysis to clean it up a bit. I cannot find any information on steel cases of this type. Any insight would be much appreciated.
  4. Trenchrat1918, Thank you very much for the information. The seller wants $45.00 I appreciate your response.
  5. I have the opportunity to purchase this Remember Pearl Harbor pocket knife. I cannot find much information on it. I'm hoping someone has more info and a possible value before I purchase it. Thanks
  6. Local store in Lombard, Illinois. They have a large store. Maybe they can help. https://www.1starmy.com
  7. I found this bag in my late grandfather's garage. He was a UNSR V-5 Cadet during the war. The interior has several lashings sew in. Any information on this piece would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  8. I inherited a May 1919 dated M1910 cartridge belt. I cannot seem to find any information on the ROTCK marking on the interior. The Seabee great-uncle that I inherited this from was not an ROTC from what I have been told. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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