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  1. Emedals sold a French aviation grouping that included this tab.
  2. The patch in post 7 of the aircraft with a sword piercing it is the 1st Anti-aircraft Division British army.
  3. I think you will find that the orange patch with the bat is the 4050 armaments and electronic maintenance sqn, missing the 4050 AEMRON designation from the bottom. Glenn
  4. French? The top aircraft could be a Mystere, the middle a Fouga Magister and the bottom a Skyraider which the French also flew.
  5. Burma Star has orange stripes not yellow, also the blue stripes are darker. might be California National Guard Medal of Valor.
  6. Going by the motto it could be the 3970th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Sqn.
  7. Sorry only a guess but the style reminds me of the TCQC tabs.
  8. I think you will find it is 77 Sqn Royal Australian Air Force when they flew Sabres out of Butterworth Malaysia
  9. It's the Australian 2nd Division worn around late 50' early 60's.
  10. The white ribbon could be British Polar medal and the red one the Order of the Bath.
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