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    Marine Corps WWII attributed items of any kind & any unit which was involved in combat, More unique the better, including hand-written material/combat accounts and autographed items commemorating service.

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  1. Thanks all, keep them coming these are some I hadn't heard other than the classic by Eleanor Roosevelt...
  2. Evening all, Writing a paper and am in need of as many quotes from Marines during combat in World War II as I can find, or quotes ABOUT Marines which were coined during World War II. Please fire away, many thanks! ~VFG
  3. Sent you a PM with research I have done. Look forward to hearing from you.
  4. Thank you, can you PM me or reply with where you got each Stat so I can cite them properly?
  5. Afternoon all, I need some stats for a college project and believe this would be a far better place to find what I am looking for than Google. 1-How many Marines were in the ranks during WWII? 2-How many Marine combat deaths were there in the war? [from Pearl Harbor to Okinawa Mop-Up approximately] 3-Approximately how many individuals are known to have an American WWII veteran in their family? 4-What percentage of total US troops engaged in combat did the Marine Corps represent? 5-Approximately how many total personnel were engaged in combat over the course of the war
  6. Beautiful, do you know what Company he was in?
  7. Afternoon all, Recently had the privilege to hold and examine one of these remarkable relics and wondered if anyone here had any they'd like to show off? ~VFG
  8. Excellent group as always, Nick. Semper Fi to him as we continue the Iwo 73rd Anniversary...
  9. Rest in Peace, Marine. Knew a fellow from G/24's MG Section, one of the most remarkable people I ever met. He described the mortar barrages when I interviewed him, horrific. God bless them all... ~VFG
  10. Like I said at the beginning I'm most interested in finding a WRA wartime Carbine, not as much a Garand.
  11. I appreciate the clarification Orlando but when I made reference to the "w" stampings I was referring to Carbines, not Garands. All I can say after the fantastic insights given is that my only hope would be to find a knowledgeable researcher/collector like Doyler mentioned, who would be able to go over it piece-by-piece to teach me what is correct for WRA/different s/n rangers.
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