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    I collect items from the US Army Quartermaster Corps, and the defunct Commissary/Subsistence branch. I am a retired Army officer, specialized in multifunctional logistics and acquisitions.

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  1. Great question. I have two WW1 helmets and two US (Prussian style) helmets in my case. I also keep epaulettes and a kepi cap inside to keep the dust down. I highly recommend the trick of adding weather stripping around the gaps formed between the door and sides. This has kept a ton of dust out of my case. I think I've dusted it once in 4-5 years. That's pretty good for me!
  2. A few years back now I acquired all matching furniture from one collection offered by Ashley Furniture. The collection is Cross Island. Though they have stopped production now, the office suite is still available. I have the desk, chair, and two mid-sized bookshelves in one room of the house. I promised my wife I wouldn't militarize our entire home, so the one room will suffice. I think it gives it a classy look overall. I have many framed pieces as well as several half mannequins to round out the room. There are many different furniture options out there. Look around and have fun with it. It's your room, so make it all you!
  3. The one on the right is still unknown to me too. All that I found in ASMIC back-issues was an ID as a Quartermaster radioman. I don't really know what that could be or why there would be a patch for that. The other is from a Quartermaster Demonstration BN. There is a newspaper article on them that can be found in a Google search. It's been shown here on the forum too. If I ever do find out what the one of the right is I'll post it here.
  4. As usual I'll be searching for Quartermaster Corps treasures. I'll also have several copies of my book on metal Quartermaster insignia with me. If you're interested now please PM me and I'll give you details on it.
  5. Second that on the museum in Kansas City!
  6. I've been collecting just Quartermaster materials since 2011, and I'll say that Airborne anything with QM insignia is hard to find. I have none in my collection. That's a great uniform! There are folks here on the forum that have access to lots of records, so I'd seek them out if you can. Also, I've had success with Golden Arrow Research in pulling info from the St. Louis archive. He does charge for his services but I've been very satisfied thus far. Good luck!
  7. I looked at your website and I didn't see how many tables this show features. Could you tell me how many there are please? Thanks.
  8. This is an amazing set of medals. I collect just Quartermaster material and I'm very impressed by your grouping. I'm pleased it still exists! Thanks for sharing.
  9. That's not something you see everyday! I was there for OIF I down in An Nasariyah and Al Hillah. Very cool display. I'm glad it still exists and can be displayed this well.
  10. I have a book on hallmarks that says the letter-number code started around 1953 as directed by the institute of heraldry.
  11. That's remarkable craftsmanship. Very well done and thank you for posting it here!
  12. This is a fantastic show. I've found good stuff at previous ones. It's worth your time that weekend!
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