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    I collect items from the US Army Quartermaster Corps, and the defunct Commissary/Subsistence branch. I am a retired Army officer, specialized in multifunctional logistics and acquisitions.

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  1. You were not joking when you told me there were still many great variations of this patch out there. Congrats on these finds! I'll continue to keep an eye out for you. Stay safe up north!
  2. This is a great start. Do you have curtains or blinds for your windows? Sunlight is the enemy! I have fought it with blinds and actually putting up cardboard to block it. Seems like everything is out to get at our best displays! Thanks for sharing your work.
  3. I hope someone can identify this acronym. I dug the square-shaped badge out of a rummage pile at one of my first shows. I've since traded it to Vance Zemke. If someone knows what it is, please let him know if he still has the badge!
  4. So rather than the opportunity to educate people on the significance of this patch, let's just ban it!! I for one am sick of cancel culture. "Won't someone think of the children?!"
  5. That's really terrible! I've known Jason and his family for over a decade now and they run a great business and website. I live nearby and I'm sorry to say I didn't know about this. I'll definitely keep my eyes and ears perked up for tips on catching the jerks that did this.
  6. You're preserving amazing history for your family and all of us. Thanks for sharing this.
  7. That's a great piece of Quartermaster kit. Very nice! I recently purchased a QMC wood/metal inspector's kit from the son of the owner. Unusual and cool!
  8. Maybe this???: https://smjhorsham.catholic.edu.au/our-school/history/ It was around in the 1920s which I believe is when this style of Type 1 discs were worn. But, I have no idea!
  9. I collect QM items, and this one is really interesting. I suppose back then a branch transfer like this wouldn't have been too unusual. He was probably considered excess and therefore able to shift to MP duties. But, that's just a guess. Thank you for sharing!
  10. Linas, The expert I've conferred with in the past is Bill Emerson. He's extremely knowledgeable about all times of US Army insignia to include chevracs. He recently updated his website: https://emersoninsignia.net/. You can also contact him via email through this website to ask him questions. He's always willing to answer questions and I value his view points greatly.
  11. My Soldiers framed my company guidon when I left command in June 2009. Part of the mystique of framing a guidon is to show it has real wear. My guidon was flown in Iraq during the surge of OIF 07-09 at COB Speicher near Tikrit. It's very dirty and torn, and that's just the way I like it. It has a story and a history that way. If it were pristine and clean then I would guess it had never left a garrison environment. So, if I was in your shoes, I'd leave it alone. Don't clean it! You may want to take it to a frame shop to see if they can swap out the glass with UV resistant glass. That will keep
  12. Welcome! I am also in the Midwest. Kansas City area for me as well as a few other collectors around here.
  13. Thank you for your assessment. I'd never seen such a thing so that's what I was afraid of. I appreciate it!
  14. Fantastic officer! I am partial to your 1st ID patch collection. Did you serve in that division by chance? I had the privilege of commanding E Co, 2-1 General Support Aviation Battalion from Jan 08 - June 09. Greatest job I ever had in the Army!
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